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Sitting in the Longgrass Plains in between the various kingdoms of the humans, dwarves, orcs, elves, and halflings is the Freecity of Aquitaine.   Built atop an ancient set of ruins on the edge of Sog's Lake, Aquitaine is a trading center and safe haven from raiders, unicorn herds or other hazards along the Warden Road.   Because of its unique crossroads location, Aquitaine benefits from caravans and visitors from the nearby kingdoms of the Geldar Republic in the north, the elven kingdom of Samakar to the west, the human baronies of Merovia and the orc empire of KaraKorum to the east.   While the population of Aquitaine is made up of primarily humans, there is a sizable number of halflings, elves, and dwarves that call the area home. Ever since a band of adventurers saved the town from destruction during the Swallowtail Festival holiday in 578 ILC, goblin merchants have started to be seen more often in Aquitaine.   In the forests around the eastern side of Sog’s Lake are a number of kobold tribes. Relations between Aquitaine and the kobold tribes are not friendly, but neither are they hostile.   On the far side of Sog’s Lake stands the ruin of Thistletop Keep. As of 578 ILC, the keep has come under the ownership of the medusa Virasha. Lady Virasha maintains warm, cordial relations with Aquitaine due to the efforts of the same adventurers that prevented Aquitaine’s destruction.


Aquitaine is a walled small city or large town that is built atop a small cliff that overlooks Sog's lake to the south.

Industry & Trade

Aquitaine, as a Freecity, predominantly works to be a trade city along the Warden Road. Aside from the businesses that handle and support trade caravans.  

Bakeries, Drinks and Supplies

Puffins Pastries and Bakery
Simmerins Decanter
Vinder's General Store and Livery
Durbin's Fine Tailoring

Taverns and Inns

Rusty Dragon Inn
White Hart Inn

Arms and Hardware

Savah's Armory


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