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Among the snow-capped peaks of the Feron Arad, otherwise known as the Northiron Mountains, spreads the dwarven kingdom called Geldar. Geldar is a Republic, ruled by a Triumvirate and a Senate. Both Triumvirate and senate consist of elected officials. Triumvirate officials are elected by the citizens of the three major cities in the Feron Arad: Pellona, Etrillon, and Remol. Senators each represent a city or group of towns gathered together as a province. Senators are elected from the populace in those areas. Triumvirate members hold office for two years apiece with no two Triumvirate officials being elected within the same year. Senators hold office for three years at at time before being re-elected. The main seat of government changes with each year, with the Triumvirate and Senate meeting for a year in one of the three major cities of Feron Arad.   Connected with the Triumvirate and the Senate is the Geldar military and local town guard forces. The Geldar armed forces, whose commanders report to the Senate, are divided into both land, naval and air forces. The land forces is the largest of the three divisions, with the aerial being the next largest and the naval forces being just a coast guard of the most heartiest of dwarves willing to brave the seas.   In the towns and cities the local guard, called Watchmen, keep peace and order. Their captain is called an Arbiter, who manages the Watchmen and acts as judge and decision maker in most disputes in a town. In the larger cities, it’s not uncommon for an Arbiter to have several Prefects, or deputy Arbiters to help the city Arbiter with his usual duties. Ultimately, the Watchmen and the Arbiter answer to the Triumvirate, providing a tentative balance of power between both halves of the Dwarven republic.   The peaks and hills of the Feron Arad have served as the homeland of the dwarves for many generations through war. natural disaster and famine. Littered throughout the region are lost outposts and underground cities made by dwarves that have been abandoned over time for various reasons. Also scattered throughout lone peaks and ravines in the Feron Arad are ruins that date from the time of the Ancients. Rumors still circulate of strange and unusual things emerging from their ruins, waking after their centuries long slumber, unaware that much has changed.   All of this has led many dwarves to take up a profession as an explorer or an archaeologist. Covering many parts of the Feron Arad are thick stands of trees, pine, oak and so on. The dwarves cultivate these forests to be able to harvest the wood semi-regularly and use the forests as a natural defensive barrier around certain sections of the Republic.   Transportation through Dwarven lands vary. Horses are not common in the rough mountain country but griffin, mountain sheep and wolves are, with both wild and domesticated breeds found throughout the Geldar Republic. Many of the larger dwarven cities have branches of the Tradewarden Alliance where a griffin may be rented for a flight to another city. Dwarven mountain sheep, called Geldar Bighorns, tend to be larger than normal, approaching the size of a well muscled pony. Often used as either beasts of burden or for war animals, the Geldar Bighorn are notoriously stubborn and loyal to their owners. Also Its not uncommon for Dwarves to have one of the only breed of semi-domesticate mountain wolf (known as a Steelgray due to the dull, steel color to their fur).   One last mention is of the Dragons of the region. Tending towards brass or bronze tone, the few dragons are occasionally found near the trade cities like Morodar or the larger mining cities like Remol. Just as the dwarves do, the dragons often apprentice with a craftsman in the area, with some even joining the Tradewarden Alliance and hiring themselves out to fly cargo or passengers over longer distances than a griffin can travel.   Common Beasts of Burden   Common Riding Animals   Geldar Bighorn
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