Most of the larger cities of the Geldar Republic were born of war. Etrillon? It was the only one born of hope…
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist
Called the “Last Refuge of the North”, Etrillon is the last city a traveler will find before they reach the desolate, flat stretch of the Danuinfel Tundra beyond the Northiron Mountain range. It is also one of the “Pillars of Geldar” for its place in the Republic's history.
Etrillon is built at the foot of, and into, the white mountain of Isendal Duran that towers above the surrounding Shadespire Peaks of the Northiron Mountains. The city’s more visible portions are on the southern side of the mountain where it meets with the large, deep freshwater lake called Loch Medge.
The city’s history begins before the existence of the Geldar Republic.
During this time, ancient dwarven clans collectively called the Geld, roamed the mountains in search of better land. More often than not, finding this better land was at the expense of another clan. The resulting bloody wars lasted generations.

A Safe Haven

Tired of the fighting, Davith Steelforge led an expedition to the far northern reaches of the Feron Arad, the ancient Geld name for the Northiron Mountains. His goal was to find a place as far from the Geld Wars as possible for his people.
What he found was beyond his wildest hopes.
Davith and his company discovered an opening at the base of Isendal Duran leading to a massive cavern system. An underground river had cut the open ages ago and now ran through it, spilling out into the lake beyond.
The cavern system was rich with veins of precious metals. Rock walls glittered with flecks of gold, silver and the blue-green of copper in the mountain’s roots. However, that wasn’t all they discovered.
There were also ancient ruins in the back of the main cavern.
Carved with care from the ancient white marble and stone of the mountain, the ruins were nothing the Steelforge Company had ever seen. The design made the stone seem look like a frozen flow of water that was moving in tall, sweeping arches providing support for the rocky ceiling.
It wasn’t until much later scholars revealed that this ruin was tens of thousands of years gold. A perfectly preserved mining outpost built by the ancients. The architecture was studied by the Steelforge clan who duplicated then improved on the designs. The result has been used throughout Etrillon’s architecture even to the current day.
What I love most is how ‘alive’ the marble looks. As if the arches really were flowing water frozen in stone.
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist

Fuel of the Elements

Outside of the architectural innovations and rich mineral veins, Etrillon has a unique advantage of having an underground river running through the city and a hot springs.
The hot springs were discovered after the Steelforge clan excavated deeper into the ruin. There they uncovered a large temple to what is believed to be a lady water spirit that was held in high regards by the Ancients, thousands of generations ago. Any reference to her name has been lost but the temple and hot springs have been preserved.
Geldarians tend to follow the only philosophies of Augustin the Forgebearer. However, its not uncommon for the locals to visit the hot springs or drop a coin or two in the river for luck.
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist
Aside from historical significance, a section of the hot springs has been tapped to make use of the natural heat it generates for pressurized steam. Likewise, massive water wheels in the underground Croytawa River are tied to the city Forgeworks, powering the massive furnaces for the giant forges deep inside Etrillon.

Outside Etrillon

Beyond Etrillon under the mountain, is the district that extends between the foot of Isendal Duran and the shores of Loch Medge.
The loch dominates the view outside the city. At almost 18 square miles, it is one of the larges bodies of water in the far north of the Northiron Mountains. Loch Medge is a well-known lake for fishermen, even in the winter as the lake remains at a temperature just warm enough to not freeze over.
The Croytawa River spills out of the massive cavern entrance that marks the boundary between the Upper Halls District and the Lakeside District sitting at the base of the mountain. This river is a warm, fresh water river throughout the year due to its connection to the hot springs deep beneath Isendal Duran.
This river is a main feature and asset for the city, providing water and turning the waterwheels that are used for a variety of purposes. In Lakeside, the waterwheels are for milling of lumber, wheat and more. Deep inside the mountain’s base, the waterwheels are part of the mechanism that keeps the forges of the Forgeanvil district going.
However, there is more than just lake and fishing around Etrillon and the white mountain. South of the city is the Snarlgrog Marsh, the source of the peat for their unique steel.
On the outskirts of the Lakeside District are the Dragonfields. The fields are like any other landing area for cargo dragons and other means of flying transport in Geldar, but in Etrillon they also play host to a unique and rare community. The Silseans.

Secrets of the Snarlgrog Marsh

This location isn’t immediately outside Etrillon but is just to the city’s south along the shore of Loch Medge. The Snarlgrog Marsh, so named for the water’s remarkable likeness to a favorite Etrillon drink.
Snarlgrog Marsh
Geographic Location | Dec 9, 2021

Less than inviting, this wetland is south of the Geldarian city of Etrillon. Important for its peat and bog, it contains its own mysteries.


Caravan Community

The Sileans roam the Northiron Mountain region by air. Their balloon and dire Hummingiron moth propelled wagons are a festive sight each spring and summer season in Etrillon.

Ethnicity | May 2, 2021

A caravan community that flies between cities in the Northiron Mountains using their balloon and dire moth propelled wagons


City Districts

At least half of Etrillon lies below ground.
This stands to reason as the founders, the Steelforge Clan, like generations of other Gelds have a long history of constructing most of their settlements under hills and mountains. However, outside the grand cavern entrance to two of Etrillon’s districts, the third lies just outside between the white mountain and Loch Medge.
The presence of the Croytawa River running through most of Etrillon does present a challenge during spring thaw or rainy seasons in the north. However, the city has taken measures to keep manageable.
Fountains are a common feature to all three districts. The design and style of each fountain bears some resemblance to the designs from the Spring of the Lost Lady. However, the true innovation isn’t on the surface.
These fountains are all connected to the Croytawa River through a network of metal pipes and marble aqueducts. This creates underground tributaries that allow the Geldarians to manage the water flow as it pours out of the mountain.
In strong rainy seasons, statuary near the shore of Loch Medge show their true purpose. They are actually fountains as well, connected to the runoff channels. This provided needed tributaries to pull off excess water before there is flooding.

Curious Places and Other Assets


Croytawa River

This underground river pours out of a waterfall in the deep stone, flowing down through the districts until it eventually empties into Loch Medge. The water is cold and fresh, purified and filtered by the surrounding stone of Isendal Duran.
Enterprising artificers, originally from Steelforge Clan, devised a means to harness the power of the river. Using waterwheels, the river powers the great bellows of the city's forges and provides water through the many fountains throughout the city.
Locals also used the river as a means of transportation. Black hulled, flat-bottomed boats travel the wide river. Propelled by an oarman using a single oar in the back, these boats take passengers and cargo from the edge of Lakeshore to Forgeanvil and back.

Great Secrets Inn

The oldest established inn, the Great Secrets Inn, has existed as long as there has been a settlement called Etrillon. Through fires, war, and blizzard, the Great Secrets Inn has stood the test of time.
It is a favorite spot for locals, mostly because they have the best chance of finding it without detailed directions. The inn is located deep within Etrillon in the Forgeanvil district, close to the Spring of the Lost Lady.
Some say that they can occasionally felt the warm presence of the mysterious Lost Lady at the Great Secrets Inn.
Isendal Duran, home of Etrillon by CB Ash
Founding Date
45 ILC
Alternative Name(s)
Last Refuge of the North
~ 35,000
Related Ethnicities
Location under
Owning Organization

Community and Demographics

Etrillon is a seizable city, being one of the oldest in the Geldar Republic. One portion or the other is under regular refurbishment, as the good stewardship is one of the primary goals for the city Senate. This was established by Davith Steelforge and has been continued to this day in his memory.
However, as a result, the architecture gives the appearance that the city is sparsely populated. The truth is that the city’s architecture is designed such to prevent a sense of being crowded. It’s a credit to the forgemasters who refine the city’s designs yearly.
Etrillon, as a city, is rather populous and continues to grow. The population is spread evenly out between the districts, especially along the slopes leading to Loch Medge. This wide distribution means the traffic is less congested between lake ports, Dragonfields, and the marketfields that are at the edge of Lakeside and the Upper Halls.
That design was first established by the original mining camps, who needed an efficient flow of traffic between mines and city entrance at Isendal Duran’s base. The Geldarians see no reason to change from this today.
Just like elsewhere in the Geldar Republic, locals from here are called ‘Geldarians’ no matter their ancestry. It's worth noting that while the predominant ancestry in Etrillon is dwarven, there is a noticeable amount of both native bugbear and human bloodlines as well.
Demographics by Culture
  • Geldarians: (70%)
  • Sileans (10%)
  • Merovians (10%)
  • Samakarii (5%)
  • Other (5%)

  • Industry, Trade & Guilds

  • Dragonspire Transport Guild
  • Longwater Fishing Guild
  • Whitestone Mason Society
  • Chaska Shipping Guild
  • Emberhand Silversmiths
  • Thunderstone Artificer Guild
  • Etrillon Breweries Society
  • Growers Guild

  • Coinage

    Like any city in the Geldar Republic, the locals use Geldarian coins called 'chits'.
    These coins are made from the cast off waste minerals recovered during the mining process. Etrillon provides such raw materials for crushing and smelting into the glassy metal Geldarian coins.

    Articles under Etrillon

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