Sileans are a caravan community. However, they are unique as their caravans fly between the Dragonfields in the Northiron Mountains. Their brightly colored wagons held aloft by inflatable silk ballons and pulled by giant Hummingiron moths are a festive sight. The Sileans stay a season in each location they visit along their route, trading craft goods and other wares with locals.
Even though the arrangement is beneficial, the presence of the Sileans seasonally presents something of an issue for Etrillon, as the Sileans aren’t required to pay merchant taxes. This is in part due to Geldarian city agreements concerning Dragonfield use.
They have this dish, spiced meat and fruit rolled up in a thin, layered pastry they bake. It’s divine… I have yet to convince them to share the recipe!
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist
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Community and Demographics

There are actually more than one community of Sileans. Each are grouped in Gelds like their land cousins. This has many scholars convinced these are Northiron clans that chose an unconventional means to avoid the bloodshed centuries before.
However, unlike on land, Sileans have built their own unique culture with its own traditions. Many skalds and scholars believe the Sileans may actually preserve the original traditions of the ancient Gelds from before the Geldar Republic.
Most of the Silean ancestry, like the Geldarians, is dwarven. However, both Bugbear and Human bloodlines can be found among Silean clans as well.

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