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Dwarves are a human-like species, only shorter with a more block-shaped build. This resemblance has left many scholars theorizing that the dwarven species may be related to humans, halflings, or even goblins.
However, the raw durability of a dwarf surpasses that of humans, halflings, or goblins. Likewise, Samakarii scholars have records of myths that suggest that the dwarven species may actually have some ancestral relation with earth elementals. Another myth scholars have found one reference of, suggests the original species may have been earth golems or metal statues fashioned by the Ancients brought to life.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Dwarves are a bipedal species like human, halfling or most of the other sapients on Elohey. They are, despite myths, mammalian with two arms and legs. Yet, the remainder of their physical appearance does vary depending on environment.
Skin tone ranges from shades of tan, to yellow, red, brown and gray. Their coloration does lighten some with age, taking on a paler shade in their more advanced years.
Facial structure also varies widely between flat and narrow with broad cheekbones. Like humans, dwarves have rounded ears.
The propensity of facial hair is a famous trait of dwarves. Dwarves, of all species, have a much higher amount of body hair than other sapients. Especially with regards to facial hair. Dwarves can easily grow facial hair more than any other sapient species, and depending on the culture, often trim and wear their beards in an elaborate manner.
Gender does play a role with regards to facial hair. Female dwarves can grow facial hair. However, it is thinner and silkier in texture. Males of the species can grow much thicker, almost fur-like, facial hair.
Hair color, beards included, is often red, brown, blond or black with red or black being the most common. As dwarves age, this color will change to gray then a steel-gray color.
With regards to height, dwarves are shorter than humans but are still taller than halflings, goblins, and definitely piskeys. Dwarves eye color only ranges from amber, brown, hazel, or gray in rare cases.
Outside of their physical appearance, is the species unusual resilience to the elements. It has been noted on many occasions how dwarves, or those with dwarven ancestry, can tolerate heat, cold, etc extremes better than any other sapient species.
Perhaps coupled with this is the species greater endurance. This “pack mule” trait allows a member of this species much greater endurance than other species.

Geographic Distribution

Dwarves are commonly found in and around the Northiron Mountains. But dwarven are an occasional sight along any of the Freecities or coastal cities to the west of Samakar.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Members of the dwarven species are omnivorous but tend toward plenty of animal protein and root vegetables in their base diet.
Dwarven Female by Daniel Comerci
250 years
Average Height
4.5 feet
Average Weight
150 to 170 pounds
Related Ethnicities

Dwarven Ancestral Traits

A character that is descended from a dwarfs or has dwarf in their bloodline has the following available, regardless of ethnicity.

Age Members of this ancestry have an average lifespan of 250 years. However, they mature at the same rate as humans but are not considered biologically an adult until they are 50.

Size Though shorter than humans, dwarven ancestry is still Medium in size.

Speed Their base walking speed is 25 feet

Ability Score Increase Constitution +2

Darkvision The character is able to see in dim light up to 60 feet in and in darkness as though it was twilight. However, in darkness the character is only able to see in shades of gray.

Sturdy as a Pack Mule The character possesses this ancestry's great endurance. Character's with this ancestry have a bonus of +2 on all Fortitude Saves and Con based ability checks.

Hard as a Rock This ancestry has an unusual resilience to the elements. A character of this ancestry that is hit by an effect of extreme temperature (heat, cold, etc), gain a +2 on any saving throws to resist the effects of that element.

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