Spring of the Lost Lady

This large hot spring, with its blue-green statue of a long-haired woman wearing a flowing gown, seems out of place in a Geldarian city such as Etrillon. Geldarians hold to their belief in their single deity, Augustin the Forgemaker with an iron grip. Yet, this spring still exists.
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The Soothing And Mysterious Hot Springs by CB Ash
Wizards have long studied this hot spring. Waters taken from this chamber magically transform into plain, pure, drinking water. No silt, no minerals, just water.
Yet anyone that remains in the hot springs and washes or even pours water over themselves will feel rejuvenated. The water is also said to heal wounds. While no magic is at play, the Forgemaker priests have confirmed there is a blessed presence in the chamber.
Geldarians, despite their beliefs in Augustin the Forgemaker, refer to the Lost Lady as “Little Sister”. She is treated as one of Augustin’s saints. However, the correct name of the greater power that seems to be alert and aware of happenings in the chamber has never been discovered.
The chamber’s architecture has been restored, and the design bears strong resemblance to other ruins from the time of the Ancient Ones over 15,000 years ago. However, the appearance of the Lady is itself a mystery.
Scholars have long known that the Ancient Ones did not look as people do in this age. They resembled the mythical minotaur and have long been known to be the source of that imagery. Yet, the statue of the Lost Lady does not resemble a minotaur.
The Lady herself looks like any number of ancestries from human, elven, dwarven to halfling. It’s suspected that her appearance alters based on the person viewing her. Yet, that is just a rumor.
I suspect there is more here than just a rumor. One moment, I saw her of medusa ancestry. Another time was an orc. As I am part medusa and orc bloodlines, I suspect she was trying to find the appearance that was pleasing to me.

If that is at all true… this Lost Lady may be an ancient being of great power that simply wants to be remembered. Maybe just to hear someone say her name...
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist
15001 BILC
Founding Date
15200 BILC
Temple / Church
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Lanterns Not Included

Unlike many of the deeper locations of Etrillon's underground, the Spring of the Lost Lady has no lanterns. It doesn't need any. The spring provides its own light.
The waters emit a faint blue-green aura. A light glow that provides a gentle, soft illumniation to the chamber that always seems to have just the right amount of light for any visitor.

Cover image: by CB Ash


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3 May, 2021 02:53

I feel a little sad for the Lost Lady. I am glad people respect her, and that she isn't alone any more, but I'll bet she does want someone to remember her name.

Author of Fillimet, bright fantasy land of possibilities, and Vazdimet, its darker spacefaring future.
3 May, 2021 10:41

Yes. That's exactly it. And... another fantasy twist. Fantasy adventures always have this "you explore a ruin, find an ancient temple and the evil presence there tries to kill you" ... Sure that's the typical drive for a story but what if that ancient power likes people? What if he or she just wants to be remembered?   I wanted to dive off into that with this one. Personally, I'd play in a game centered on that.

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