Dragonfield or the Dragonfields isn’t a single place, but more of a description of one. They are also rather unique to the Northiron Mountains region, specifically the Geldar Republic.
The Dragonfields are a marked off location outside the major cities in the Geldar Republic. These are combination of trade good warehouses and living space for the air caravans and their workers for any number of trade guilds or caravan community.

Gateway of Trade

The concept of a Dragonfield arose during the Northiron Geld Wars that ended with the rise of the Geldar Republic.
During the Geld Wars, a few clans remained neutral during the hundred years of fighting, such as Steelforge. Those neutral clans became the backbone of trade across the war-torn region.
To defend themselves, and their trade goods, Steelforge and other of the ancient dwarven clans forged a bond with the Northiron dragon clans. The clans worked together, moving goods by dragonback across the region.
The Dragonfields themselves became a concept when the fledgling trade guilds began to offer healing and similar services to anyone wounded in battle. It didn’t matter which side in a recent fight, just that the survivors needed help.
This was built on the agreement that the survivors would not be ambushed so long as they were within a designated area controlled by these new trade guilds. That region came to be known as the ‘Dragonfields’.
Since then, the Dragonfields are known as a safe haven and a hub of trade across the region. In most cities, they are an unofficial marketplace to buy and sell goods from the local trade or transport guilds. As tradition is strong among the Geldarians, shops and locations for healers are always found in the Dragonfields of a Geldarian city.

Secure in the Worst of Times

Dragonfields are not an official marketplace. They are, however, a gathering place for both air and land caravans before they enter the city. Therefore some trade does happen there.
Trade goods are stored in locked stone warehouses. Draft animals, such as Geldarian Bighorn Rams or wagon-sized Hammeriron Moths can be stabled there with animal tenders. Caravan workers from humans to dragon also can be lodged at a Dragonfield.
The Geldarian city Watchmen do try and secure the area around a Dragonfield but the fields themselves maintain their own security. The Fellguard.
The Fellguard Company is an organization that works in concert with the transport guilds that move between the Dragonfields. They were formed not long after the Dragonfields emerged as a means to guard against the Gelds looking to take a field by force.
Fellguard mercenaries are well paid and trained to watch for the constant threat of thieves. They will work in cooperation with the local City Watch, but the Fellguard authority extends no father than the boundary of the Dragonfields.
A Typical Dragonfield by CB Ash
Founding Date
most formed around 25 ILC
Market square
Owning Organization
Related Locations
Etrillon (specifically the Lakeside District)

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