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Rusty Dragon Inn

The Rusty Dragon is the most popular inn in Aquitaine. Owned and operated by Ameiko Kaijitsu and known for spicy and exotic foods.   The inn features a dozen rooms and five of them are considered luxury rooms with their own commodes. All the rooms have names of dragon races and the keys to each room bears a small carving of the associated creature. The seven smaller rooms having one bed each, are named the Black, Blue, Red, White, Green, Drake, and Wyvern rooms. The Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass rooms are luxury rooms. The price for the simple rooms is 5 sp and for the luxury rooms 2 gp. Guests are also allowed to sleep on the common room for 1 cp. The fifth luxury room, the Bronze room, is used only for special guests free of charge. This room has many rumors about it, some of which are; that the owner’s mysterious lover lives there, or that it is haunted by a merchant who committed suicide in some exotic manner.   During festivals and other special occasions, a banquet fee of 3 sp is charged for an all you can eat during the patron’s stay. Most of these include a new recipe Ameiko has come up with for this celebration. Most of these end up good, but some such as goblin brain cookies, or porcupine skewers end up as flops. Nevertheless, many city residents stop by the Rusty Dragon Inn Banquet during a festival just to find out what odd thing Ameiko has created this time around.   Lee Chung can often be found working in the kitchen, when he is not busy training or adventuring.
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