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Darly Quince

2nd level Thief working toward her first level of Bard

Darly Quince

Darly Quince is a "Minstrel" who left Morodar in a hurry to sever ties with the Paddick Syndicate. Part of her leavetaking involved a contract to divert a specific message, getting rid of the courier in "baffling circumstances" as she did so, so that an alliance in the Freecities would be stalled -- possibly prevented.
This endeavour put her in the clutches of the Thistletop Clan of the Sog's Lake kobold tribes. They tied her up and put her in their "pantry" cavern as a future meal.
Enter one goblin, one halfling, one harpy, and one more human! They rescued her.
Then they adopted her, apparently!
Now Darly Quince is a member in good standing of SNAFU Guild in Aquitaine. She is often left to "hold down the fort" at the guild house, without so much as a trap set on the guild coffers to keep her out.
She may have found her people!
But ... is it too late?
The others found that message, after all, while they were rescuing Darcy. And the diplomatic alliance went ahead. Darly is in violation of that assassination contract, which means no one bought out her membership obligations to the Paddick Syndicate, which means she is absent without leave, which means ... something much worse than a mere death sentence.
Maybe she should figure out a way to tell this to Zhang-Hime?
Darcy thought about telling it all to the Samakarii priestess, but that grumpy elf got over her cold and promptly went into "prepare for the Aquitaine Great Fair" mode. And then went out on a date. And then never came back.
If the grumpy elf priestess is never coming back, at what point can Darly have her stuff?

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Leather armor trousers and vest, sleeveless chainmail tunic, riding boots, three sets of gloves ranging in thickness/protection/sensitivity from spidersilk (thinnest and most sensitive) to combat leather gloves.   Had to replace her lockpicking kit because one of her rescuers took it from the Thistletop "loot" pile.

Minstrel member of the SNAFU Guild who wants nothing to do with points north of Aquitaine.

Character Location
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Current Location
Current Residence
blonde, kept in a "windswept" short 'do
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale with freckles
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