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The Shadow Riders

General Summary

The sun set in Purgatory Gulch afore the Snafu Posse put their defensive plans into action. Sunset glimmers like gold off the grass on the distant southern horizon, but darkness has set in here on the main street of town.
Three squads of Hell Bovine hunters move across the badlands, gaining and losing and gaining again the escape paths of 'Ranger' Horn. By now the foremost of them has passed the point where Ranger collapsed this morning. Instead of heading straight toward Ore Else, they have angled toward the main street of Purgatory Gulch.
Jesse Devonshire, Lee Chung, and Bruthazmus go on the shoot south of the Purgatory General Store and westward, hoping to intercept the scent trail.
Meanwhile, Scorpion settles down in the apartment above the General Store for a power nap while Miro Teague and Chef rearrange Mayor Blaze's front balcony to their liking.
Miss Sephia sets Padre and Ranger into the one room on main floor of the Purgatory Schoolhouse. She puts three of the ranch hand customers of the Purgatory Saloon to bunk down in the little buffer room between the land back of the schoolhouse and the subterranean cavern itself. She sends Xifeng up to roost atop the air turret on the north face of the schoolhouse. Everyone else is to help Miss Roselli Amore fasten up the storm shutters, and then hunker down for rest shifts.
The hard bit of this organizing is when Miss Sephia calls the stagecoach team over to discuss their participation.
Dusty and Sundown had not rightly been intending to participate. That's a fact.
But the firm statement of facts by Miss Sephia soon has them looking at the night around them in a new way.
Dusty hits "pause" on Sundown's bosh for a little serious talk. The outcome of that has the two orcs -- despite Miss Amore's objections -- heating up a couple flasks of coffee and then rigging their "hammocks" up on the roof of the schoolhouse. They do fully intend to get as much sleep as events permit, but will awaken ready for combat if trouble arrives.
The air grows a chill under the summer stars. Nasila should rise in an hour or so. Gothor won't peek up over the eastern horizon until well after midnight.
In the darkness, a low animal noise sets Dagnabbit to shifting unhappily under Jesse Devonshire....

Rewards Granted

On the Bovine-Fighting Side:


On the Ovine-Fighting Side:

Character(s) interacted with

The Good


The Bad


The Ugly

  • Something trespassed all over Braunvieh Farm between the Snafu Posse's visits.
  • Something has put the lights out at Tarntaise Farm.
  • Something is making tiny but very bright little lights at the "scar" that was the scene of the Last Stand of the Whistling Wind.


The next adventure will be "Crossfire Trail", beginning after midnight on the 8th of Grolm. Everyone is mighty weary by now, but that dark farmhouse at Tarntaise Farm calls for some investigating!
The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
Lee Chung
-Level Monk 6
Jesse Devonshire
6-Level Druid
Zhang Sephia
6-Level Ranger
Bruthazmus Kele
Nodin Bugbear
6-Level Ranger
Miro Teague
7-Level Sorcerer
Player Journals
It was supposed to be a quiet night by Zhang Sephia
Giving 'em the Ol' Run Around by Bruthazmus Kele
Report Date
23 May 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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