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The Descena Putrendis Curse

This unholy curse is rumored to have come from the Hell Bovine fields of Outland.
The name of the curse is in the Dark Speech of Zuyan. It is difficult, if not dangerous, to translate words from the language of the Foul Host, but the name of the curse approximates to "Wasting Path of the Primordial".
Once cast, victims will notice an immediate uncomfortable effect. A slight thirst that will not go away. This is the first sign and warning of what's to come.
Quickly, the victim will find that any magical or non-magical liquid within 10 feet will grow stagnant. This renders magical liquids, such as healing potions, ruined. Worse are what happens to plants.
All plants within 10 feet of the victim wither as the magic of the curse vampirically drains them of water and life to continue fueling the curse, and the eventual transformation that the curse has in store for the victim.
Slowly, the victim of Descena Putrendis will find themselves covered in a slithering green ichor that will not wash off. This slime slowly itches and eats away at the host. Spellcasters will find themselves unable to cast spells, even the most devout monks cannot clean this off of them with their chi.
In a matter of days, the victim is consumed by the curse and the ichor. Until at last, they are transformed into a primitive gelatinous cube with no memory of their previous life.

Breaking the Curse

All curses have a way to break them. The trick is finding out what it is in time...
— Stefanos Vel-Barboza, Seskyalii skald alchemist
To cure a victim of the Descena Putrendis curse, they must bathe in a soup made from mimic jerky and red wine while a spellcaster casts a spell to banish the curse.

Game Mechanics

The Descena Putrendis curse is a slow transformation curse. It will alter a victim over a matter of days or weeks until they have dissolved into the form of a gelatinous cube creature.
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range 50ft.
Victims of this curse cause all magical and non-magical liquids within 10 feet to grow stagnant. Plants within 10 feet wither as the moisture is vampirically drained from them. This moisture forms a slithering green ichor that covers the victim, slowly eating at them at 1d6 points of damage per day. A spellcaster must make a Save vs Reflex against a DC of 10 + their level to successfully cast any spell.
Once struck, a victim may make one Save vs Fortitude (or vs Will if a sorcerer or monk) to reduce the curse's aura range to 5 feet and the damage per day to 1d4.
If left unchecked, the victim will melt away into a primitive gelatinous cube.
To cure a victim of this curse, they must bathe in a soup made of mimic jerky and red wine while having Remove Curse cast on them.

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