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Elmaloris A world of numerous conflicts, shaping the lands and its peoples alike into what they are today.

Iraselavra 2nd, 1611

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In earlier aeons, dragons roamed the land, guiding the mortal races to glory. One day, however, after brewing behind the scenes for centuries, a cult of red dragons began enacting rituals of some kind upon the volcano, known then as Mount Zhistrulu. Mortalkind, at the behest of Zateth, mustered their forces and braved the burning lands to slay the cult, and save the world. Fear, however, was struck, as the mortals turned their blade on the rest of dragonkind, marching across the land, and slaughtering every dragon they could, losing many of their own in the process. When the ashes settled, the land had changed, but peace wouldn't yet come...
  Conflict has shaped the lands of Ukrenil, on the world of Elmaloris. Ailorasil, a budding town in the region known nowadays as the Rasilan Steppes, was invaded years ago by a warband of Gnolls who vanquished the woefully unprepared town guard and conquered the Rasilan Catfolk. For countless generations they broiled beneath the surface, subjugated, until, eventually the people rose in arms and forced their gnarled conquerors out and back to Grimhook.
  Now, after the hottest of the conflicts on the continent have cooled to a gentle simmer, an adventurer's guild is rumored to be starting up, one known simply as the Order of the White Wyrm, striking opportunity between wars, where profits are sure to be on the rise as things heat up again.. Those aspiring to test their mettle against whatever this guild might present them with are starting to muster in Einarmund's most prominent tavern.

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This setting is built around the Pathfinder RPG system, and thus will reference a lot of material from its many books, both first and third party. Here and there, there will be some D&D 5e compatibility, but Pathfinder 1e is distinctly the primary system for this setting.

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