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The largest of the three continents of Elmaloris, featuring a fair spectrum of environments as a result.


A sprawling continent that houses the bulk of the world's intelligent populace, from the Rasilan Catfolk to the Dragonborn of Telhoken, and the sparse human numbers sprinkled all throughout. The northern reaches are blanketed in ivory snow while the south is marred by a massive volcanic aberration known as the Blazescar.

The Ivory Expanse

Home to a solemn tower known as Ivory Tower.

Rimeshriek Taiga


Shau-Borean Wilds

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Wever Coast

Once an isolated society, the elves that live here made an active effort to keep to themselves. This all changed when they were forced to make a pact with the other races, when their southern settlements were overrun by fleeing wildlife from the formation of the Blazescar.
  • Thren Belanore: Capitol city of the elves.
  • Eshradell: Nestled just before the mouth of a cave is a network of tunnels, all filled with cages and shackles.
  • Ireathnas:

Houndstooth Highlands

  • Drerdogh: A settlement built by the refugees from Eshradell, houses a gladiatorial arena the locals have named "The Pit"



Ferheart Basin

Dotted with forgotten walls, overgrown by the wilds, and a scattering of small hamlets, with the largest settlements being visible as little more than holes in the mountains and hills.
  • Kin Badür: From the outside appearing as nothing more than a fort built into the mountainside, most of this settlement is tucked below the surface. It's in this, the capital of dwarvenkind, that most of the shackles are made for elven needs.

Forlorn Ridge

  • Lair of Garazhur: A mostly gutted former lair of a lich that has since been slain, some say slain by Xomnian cultists and mercenaries.

Grimhook Bloodgrounds

  • Muzlot: A scattering of tents amid a sea of blood-stained sand.
  • Elimond: Sitting on the border of the Wever Coast and Grimhook, this is the homestead of the Redharvest gnolls.

Rasilan Steppes

  • Ailorasil: The capital of the Rasilan kingdom. The scars of its time being ruled over by the Grimhook gnolls have yet to fully heal, with swaths of town only barely being rebuilt in recent years.
  • Direfeld: Practically a ghost town on the border of the Isbryd river. Those few remnants in the desolate village have acquired a particular view on life, and see the river as something that will 'take their only child'.
  • Rivergate: A fortress village built as the first line of defense should the gnolls of Grimhook decide to invade Rasilan lands again.

Aridedge Beach

Scorched Badlands

Not much remains in this desolate stretch of scorched sands, though the ruins do play host to various clans of maftet, who will actively ward travelers away from drawing too close to the Blazescar, or outright attack should the travelers set up anything more permanent for their own safety.

The Blazescar

A massive, searing molten wound upon the landscape, purportedly caused by the clash of ancient fire dragons, presumably a recent clash, considering how still fresh the wound is. Of course, the real story is much simpler, and that is that a clan red dragons wreaked havoc upon the land, threatening to storm towards the northern lands before an intrepid group of adventurers, who have since served as founding members of the Shau-borean order, struck out and slew the beasts. Centuries later, the land has yet to heal, and still festers with molten material, as if some corrupted magic keeps the flames kindled.
Toward the northern border of the glassed lands is a ruined town, with its most prominent features being 'statues' of the people, doused in superheated volcanic ash from the massive eruption of the Blazescar, plastered and frozen forevermore in their final moments.

Omunth's Reach

An ancient, long since abandoned dragon roost. Many scholars have attempted to find what caused the dragon to uproot and flee from its home, but none have a definitive answer, save of course to flee the dragon purge.

Singewater Marsh

What once was a thriving marshland has become humid and practically inhospitable from the eruption of the Blazescar.
  • Temple in The Fog: Age-old rumors tell of a mysterious temple residing among the scorching fog drifting through the marsh, a place that many Shau-Borean agents have had to investigate, and each time, they return to the order hall exhausted and without proof of its existence.
  • A Mysterious Camp: Though the Shau-Borean order regularly investigates the region on rumors of draconic sightings, the agents have certainly noted the existence of a strange campsite that cropped up in recent days. As it's out of their purview, they do not intervene, and simply have made note of this finding. A handful of people have reported seeing strange humanoids meandering through the crude, ramshackle tents.

The Barren Strip

An entire stretch of land that has been rendered barren and desolate by hot ash that fell from the Blazescar's formation.
A singular androsphinx watches over the region from the highest point.

Flurrydrift Tundra

The Hrojynn Expanse

Sahuatl Pass

A narrow stretch of land that serves as a passage between the Ukrenil mainland and the Noar half. The road cutting through the pass is safe enough territory, but passers are generally advised against straying into the jungle, as the natives are notoriously less than friendly.

Noar Fields

Lush, verdant fields of tall grass punctuated by groups of tall trees.

Frulyrst Valley

A small strip of land where deciduous and coniferous trees mingle vaguely separates the more temperate portion of the valley from the frigid northern areas.
  • Einarmund: A humble little hamlet bordered to the north by the frigid Falrem mountain range. The villagers have been plagued by a slew of ice goo creatures for as long as most can remember.

Manavik Crater

The site of a anomalous magical explosion in the past that has twisted the local flora and fauna. The scholars of Telhoken unanimously agree that the crater was formed during the chaotic time of the dragon purge, yet no records of dragons being in the region this far out have been discovered.
The dangers of the crater are well enough understood, but one of the biggest risks is to spellcasters, as those who perish out near the crater itself are warped and reanimated as a monstrosity known as a 'fext', specifically of the Spellscar variety.

Falrem Bluff

The steepest portion of the Falrem mountains.

Watcher's Summit

A collection of jagged peaks at the heart of the mountain range.

Frostfog Highlands

Mysterious lands to the far north of the Noar portions of Ukrenil.

Ancient Peninsula

A long-forgotten portion behind the Falrem mountains. Only the oldest maps even show its existence, and no texts mention what might be within the region.

Ridgerunner Cove

Farglint Wastes

Cleavewind Prairie

Cragheim Wilds

Goldring City: An isolated city built around the largest of Cragheim's oases, very few people have seen inside of it, as the native inhabitants are deeply wary of outsiders. Those few outsiders who have seen inside call the locals "Sergal"s.

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