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Goldring City

With its most notable features being the band of gold shining through the sandstone wall, and a broken Munthir Arch at the heart of its capitol building, Goldring stands apart from most towns on the Malorin surface; and as well it should, given it was erected by the hands of creatures not native to the world- the Sergal.
It's widely believed, if poorly documented, that the sergal people emerged into Elmaloris in this location, and it quickly became their home, starting as- likely- a group of tents, before the first stone of the wall would be placed. One thing that is known, however, is that the city was first ruled by a snake-tongued warlord who at some point attempted to seize the Munthir Arch for her own, and the devastation wrought upon the population at the time was nearly catastrophic. A small faction of south-enders rose up in arms to stop her, and in the meeting of these two forces, the Arch was decimated.


Upon arrival in 1420 DF, Ur Nalekk exerted dominance over the group, and while her iron-fisted determination helped them establish a powerful, capable force in the middle of the desert, it wouldn't be to last. 11 years later, after Nalekk kidnapped Ershishi Maloz, a civil war broke out, and coming out on top in the end was Shian, an agudner craftswoman that saw the budding city into a prosperous era.
Nowadays, the city is run by Takys, a shrewd sergal that maintains order fairly, according to his people.

Office of Foreign Affairs

Run by the well-meaning Syrik, great granddaughter of Shian, this group, composed of primarily of southern sergals, seeks to establish alliances with adjacent civilizations, and to that end, they have begun amassing linguistic texts, and establishing contacts among said civilizations.


40%(4842) Sergal, 22%(3213) Agudner, 22%(3212) Nevrean, 16%(2,337) other


Inasan Shidivliguesp (Old Goldring)
E Ynzaek (The Rocks)
Jinshishi Lolan (Meat Alley)
Kurgukelbutlirgt (Coldfair)
Kregullre (Silkknot)
Hagushi Saleka (Dairy Barrow)
Gudras Shiivihy (Cotton Borough)


  • Goldring City
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