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The world of Kandossar, referred to the residents of Iselhult as Mithestra(which interestingly serves as the name of the continent itself for non-northerner people), is a lush, barely civilized place. Long ago, the humans of Faelund migrated north, depositing settlements along the way. One of them, what would soon enough serve as a crossroads sanctuary for caravans and traders roaming from town to town; its name is Kilmarik. Because of its nature, many adventurers and heroes filter through the place, though few stay in town for long.
  A looming shadow sprawls across the tundras to the north, and while it has yet to spread toward the heartland, the nobility are paranoid and wary of such an event happening. Someday soon, they might have to snag a few of these passing heroes to serve as their first line of defense against the coming darkness. Two hapless adventurers-to-be and two residents of the crossroads town converge on the Shielded Heart tavern, where one simple move will send them on their way toward their destinies.

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