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Vodovo Viola

June 15, 2688

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Vodovo Viola(YD-232), the galaxy that the Russian-led ark careened toward on its journey to get away from the smoldering Earth. The pathfinders scouted the galaxy for habitable planets. Ultimately, the heads of the ark set their sights on what would soon be known as Domashmir. Along the way, as the survivors grew and colonized local space, they made and discovered both friends and foes alike, laying the foundation of what would in time become the Federation. Together, they spearheaded advances in technology.



Some time in the past, an unknown(or, at least unrecorded and undisclosed) event propelled humanity into the stars. Speculations include: a resource shortage, an impending apocalypse scenario, or just a surge of exploration and curiosity; though it could be partially every one of these, nobody seems to know for sure. One of the colony ships settled upon the planet now known as Domashmir. There was little unity in the scattered settlements that had started to crop up on the new landscape, so the captain of the ship, and by extension standing leader of the people, called out to a handful of individuals to form the basis of a government. The fledgling government reached out to other colonies within the system, establishing and forming strong ties for what was soon to become the Federation.

Planets, Nations and Cultures


Factions / Corporations

Federation Industries / Military Branch: Industrial and mass-produced. While most machined parts work well, there is the occasional malfunctioning fluke that comes off the conveyor belts and miraculously passes the inspection.
Federation Industries supplies its general infantry and military presence throughout the galaxy with firearms and armor systems of the utmost basic, but relatively reliable variety.
  Sorenson & Mayfield(S&M): Blocky and unwieldy. Instruments and weapons made by S&M are obviously designed more for function than comfort. This lack of user-friendliness might come from the company being more geared toward construction than combat.
  Freelance: Robust and angular, items manufactured by Freelance often have a fairly imposing appearance. Vehicles built by Freelance forego the usually required always-on tracking devices. How this hasn't resulted in restrictions and bans is anyone's guess, but individuals who own a Freelance vehicle are always viewed with a skeptical lens by Federation officials.
  Homestead: Hand-carved. That is what everyone associates their equipment with. Weapons made by Homestead are often ornate and adorned with carvings.
  DTD Pharmaceuticals: A FI-owned medical company who has put a lot of effort into adapting existing pharmaceutical products to be usable by the new additions to the Federation.
  Protodev Development:
  Muri Armament: A weapons manufacturer on the Federation payroll. The company's weaponry, however, is more reliable on average than FI's own.
  Epinger Wright Carlsson(EWC) Technology Unlimited: Technological advancements of all kinds fall under the purview of EWC, and they actively seek to obtain and update older advancements, such as the Yulia Energy Cushion.
  Ke-Kinnear World Industrial:
  Metova Defense:
  NanoLink GmbH:
  Myatekaya-Haught Services Corporation:
  Zavaleta-Pai Multinational:
  thetaGen Media GmbH: Selling and producing anything from some cheesy action schlock to a gaudy romance vid, to even the odd risque show of flesh, fur and scale, these are the media moguls that own whatever you watch. Rumor has it that they're behind some of the Federation adverts as well.
  Rebellion: Most of the Rebel arsenal is salvaged tech cobbled together to form something altogether new, though there is the rare instance where the Rebels come up with something all their own.
  The Bandit Consortium: Against all odds, even the bandits have established a sort of treaty with one another; they will not attack one another on their respective turfs unless the attack is declared beforehand. Any place outside of their turfs, though, is fair game for conflict. Through this accord, the bandit clans have collectively come up with some weapon and armor systems which they dole out to their clansmen; all of it scrappy and jury-rigged, but remarkably functional in 8 out of 10 cases.
Known Clans
  • Rusted Bloods: The most ubiquitous clan in the galaxy. Somehow, this clan has managed to spread across multiple planets throughout multiple systems. Some say that the clan originates from the rebel-held planet, Kkrstashal.
  • Blasted Legion: A certifiably volatile bandit clan who fanatically obsess over explosive devices.
  • Valdamir Corsairs: A clan from the ocean planet Valdamir who focuses primarily on naval vehicles. For fairly obvious reasons.
  • Shatterbones: A lesser clan who adorn their vehicles and weapons with the bones of their foes.

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