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Sorenson and Mayfield

Starting life as a simple construction firm contracted for Federation expansion projects, they soon enough became so synonymous, and gained a near-monopoly, that the corporation started executing massive-scale projects of their own.  Research and development hit a snag when they were attempting to streamline station production, as they didn't have the facilities that could produce materials of that size.  This changed when an archaeological team reported back from the Valmadian fringe with a strange little device; the disassembler crucible.  Immediately, those in charge of the Vulcan project started to put funding towards reverse-engineering the technology.  The culmination, after almost a decade of production, was unveiled before the Federation; the massive space station they have dubbed the "Vulcan Crucible", and as the crowning moment of the unveiling, they had the assembly forge at the heart of the station begin production of what would later become known as "Siberias".
Corporation, Construction