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The starfaring vehicles of Vodovo Viola, manufactured by various corporations and organizations.
  Starships are measured via displacement tonnage, using liquid hydrogen as a metric, presumably because Federation starships still use this as a common baseline fuel.  The cubic grid is measured in 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 meter cubes, and each singular ton is roughly 14 cubic meters(13.5), and equates to 4 lots .

Civilian Ships

  • Skiff: Tiny craft for leisurely cruises
  • Tugboat/Towboat: Small ships used for pushing/pulling other vehicles.
  • Ferry: Light transport vehicle, mostly for passage of people, but sometimes smaller vehicles and cargo
    •  Convict Ship: A ferry specifically designed for the transportation of captured criminals.
    •  Cruise Ship: Larger ferries with passengers and a pleasure voyage in mind.
    •  Hospital Ship: Fairly large ships designed for the treatment and care of injured personnel for an armada.
    •  Space Liner: A ship designed for transportation between the various Federation worlds.
  • Homecraft: -
  • Galleon: Large, multi-decked craft.
  • Barge/Cargo/Freight Ship: Massive, bulky ships designed for transporting goods, specifically heavy ones.
  • Colony Ship: Massive ships designed for landing on a planet surface and starting up a new colony. Few of these are in service these days.
  • Shuttle/Abode ship: Civilian ship equipped for prolonged periods away from civilization.

Military Ships

  • Attack Craft: Small, single or occasionally multi-piloted craft designed to serve as the backbone of an armada.
    •  Fighter: Small craft designed to take on any smaller threats from an opposing armada.
    •  Bomber: A fighter craft designed take down heavier, more armored targets.
    •  Interceptor: Quick, moderately armed craft used to stop a coming threat.
    •  Stealth Fighter: A fighter equipped with stealth devices, like radar jammers and light-refraction stealth fields.
    •  Recon: Primarily used in non-combat situations.
  • Corvette: The smallest classification of warship.
  • Cruiser: Smaller warships.
    •  Battlecruiser/Dreadnought/Capital Ship: Large, heavily armed craft typically seen heading the charge.
  • Frigate: Maneuverable craft often used for patrolling and blockading.
  • Destroyer: An agile, powerfully armed escort ship.
  • Carrier(capital ship): Large craft designed to carry an armada of smaller craft.
The Grades of starships each have their own cost, and the Grades include Civilian, Luxury, Utility, and Military.

Orbital: Simple vessels capable of entering orbit, but rarely capable of escaping the gravity of a world. Armament is light to non-existent. Comparable to a personal car. 250Kr per BP
Interplanetary: Vessels with a little more fuel capacity, and stronger Impulse drives, these are usually shuttle-buses. 375Kr per BP
Interstellar: A rarity for civilian grade starships, these are most often mobile homes equipped with Vx Drives. 500Kr per BP

Orbital: Personal starships with a more lavish interior, akin to the limousine of old, or a yacht. 650Kr per BP
Interplanetary: Souped up Orbital Luxury starships, with a wider range of use. 700Kr per BP
Interstellar: A step above Interplanetary Luxury vessels. 750Kr per BP

Orbital: Cargo freighters, maintenance vessels, and couriers make up the bulk of the Utility Orbital Grade. 600Kr per BP
Interplanetary: Bulk freighters, local constructor craft, and in-system mail couriers. 650Kr per BP
Interstellar: Usually larger scale freighters, construction vehicles, and even couriers make up this Grade. 700Kr per BP

Orbital: Usually reserved for defense stations, possesses low propulsion in order to maintain position, exterior is often bristling with weapon and defensive systems. 800Kr per BP
Interplanetary: Local system craft, often forego any form of Vx drive in favor of sensor and shield systems. 900Kr per BP
Interstellar: Generally consisting of cruisers, frigates, and dreadnaughts, these are the Federation Navy's go to to stymy the flow of rebel forces. 1000Kr per BP

■ Starships

FSC-760/B 'Ailouros'

Tier: 1; Grade: Civilian Interstellar; Price: 27,500Kr(55 BP)
This so-called 'abode'-class craft that doubles as a mobile home and cargo ship. A robust and fairly affordable spacecraft manufactured by Freelance. As with most Freelance craft, this model lacks all of the 'always-on' tracking devices, leading to a questionable legal status of anyone who owns one of these. Still, the craft is obviously legal enough for Freelance to sell without any extraordinary restrictions. This vehicle is propelled through the stars by a cluster of five Ferus thrusters.

SM/MS183 Dobyka

Tier: 4; Grade: Utility Interstellar; Price: 77,700Kr(111 BP)
A massive mining freighter craft designed to house numerous employees and miners while they utterly exploit the asteroid, planet, or planetoid they happen to be focused on.

FI-Skf/280 Skimmer

Tier: 1/2; Grade: Civilian Interstellar; Price: 16500Kr(33 BP)
A skiff with twinned Vauxadium-enabled engines, a spacious cargo hold, and a roomy cockpit. This vessel saw a healthy run, but rose in popularity once Jette made a name for herself, and became known for flying this craft.

FI-Frgt/580 Vanguard

Tier: 1; Grade: Military Interplanetary; Price: 39600Kr(44 BP)
The bread and butter for Federation Navy military response measures.

FI-Pol/409 Zakon Police Interceptor

Tier: 1/4; Grade: Military Interplanetary; Price: 23400Kr(26 BP)
When crimes are afoot, but it's not military response-worthy, Federation personnel scramble one or two Zakon Interceptors to apprehend the culprits.