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Practically a ghost town on the border of the Isbryd river. Those few remnants in the desolate village have acquired a particular view on life, and see the river as something that will 'take their only child'.


The site of a long-forgotten battle, in which the catfolk pushed south into these lands from the higher plateaus, displacing or outright slaughtering countless tabaxi. Small, fragmented remnants of the old tabaxi village can be found strewn about the area, some of it lodged in the Isbryd river that serves as the town's primary source of water.
From its earliest days, it has been locally ruled by the working class. And these working class individuals were perhaps the only thing between the people and utter chaos as calamity befell Direfeld some generations after the battle.
Seemingly out of the blue, children, especially those who are a family's only, started vanishing into the night, leaving only the faintest hints of a struggle in the soggy soil of the riverbank. A few decided to tough this out, while the rest packed up and left further toward Ailorasil.

Recent Events

For centuries, the ghosts from the river have plagued the locals, stealing the land bit by terrifying bit. An apparent fluke, as a Redharvest gnoll on a vision quest to complete herself, happened into town along the journey. During an overnight stay in town, the gnoll, using her innate necromantic powers, sought to commune, and settle the spirits. It's not clear what entirely happened, but the gnoll returned to the mortal world on death's door herself. The spirits, since, have calmed some, so her trials were at least not in vain.
A short time after, she and her traveling companion journeyed north, into the Forlorn Ridge, and returned a day or two later with a small dragon, and an entourage of kobolds. The elder was cautious about harboring such creatures but ultimately decided to accept the risk.
Years later, the risk became a true threat, as the dragon hunters stormed the village, and drove the hiding beasts out into the open. One by one they were systematically slain, but a kobold and the dragon managed to slip away.

Notable Places

The Ghastwick Tavern

  Cast in ebon-wood logs and boards, and sitting of a seemingly shoddy foundation of darkstone, the Ghastwick is one of few places of respite in the spirits-ravaged town of Direfeld, and while there's always an air of jadedness among the populace, the tavernkeep, and his employees do their best to be at least cordial.


~98% catfolk, 1% goblin, 1% other


Ergatocratic Council, led presently by "Grim Elder" Paforya
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The Riverbed Ghost Town
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