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Rasilan Steppes

A small cutout in the middle of Ukrenil that houses the densest population of catfolk.


This region houses a number of catfolk settlements, not the least of which is Ailorasil.

The Riverbed Ghost Town
Led presently by Paforya, who has been given the title of Grim Elder. Under her is an ergatocratic council.
Practically a ghost town on the border of the Isbryd river. Those few remnants in the desolate village have acquired a particular view on life, and see the river as something that will 'take their only child'.
The site of a long-forgotten battle, in which the catfolk pushed south into these lands from the higher plateaus, displacing or outright slaughtering countless selvaxi. Small, fragmented remnants of the old selvaxi village can be found strewn about the area, some of it lodged in the Isbryd river that serves as the town's primary source of water.
From its earliest days, it has been locally ruled by the working class. And these working class individuals were perhaps the only thing between the people and utter chaos as calamity befell Direfeld some generations after the battle.
Seemingly out of the blue, children, especially those who are a family's only, started vanishing into the night, leaving only the faintest hints of a struggle in the soggy soil of the riverbank. A few decided to tough this out, while the rest packed up and left further toward Ailorasil.

The Bulwark
Ruled over by General Sahul Lendris.
A fortress village built as the first line of defense should the gnolls of Grimhook decide to invade Rasilan lands again.


Steep rises that lead to sprawling plateaus as well as a handful of rivers cutting through the lowlands.

Natural Resources

Iron, and lots of it, as well as trace amounts of copper and tin. There is also reasonably large fields of wheat, though most of it doesn't tend to leave the region in respectable quantities.
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