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Though the Shau-Borean order regularly investigates the region on rumors of draconic sightings, the agents have certainly noted the existence of a strange campsite that cropped up in recent days. As it's out of their purview, they do not intervene, and simply have made note of this finding. A handful of people have reported seeing strange humanoids meandering through the crude, ramshackle tents.


An expedition, headed by Lady Yuan, featuring Sothyra Valrok, and Tilkaz of Elimond, carved through the land southward, and trudged through the singed mists of Singewater to find answers. After they set up camp, the scholars started to survey the land. Tilkaz, Sothyra, and a catfolk oracle struck north, and discovered a lookout by the name of Tanaru. This lookout, after a small exchange of pleasantries and such, led the trio to the camp, where they had a meeting with Zari, the de facto leader of the Gillkin.


Notable Members

Cora: climber mirromy, regional scout
Tanaru: coastal mirromy, general guardian
Zari: polar mirromy, sage and de facto leader.
Pamana: cave mirromy
Tipana: deep sea mirromy
Riiluro: lake mirromy
Makoro: pygmy mirromy
Nakori: reef mirromy, active Pool Guardian
Arila: swamp mirromy
Mahuri: volcanic mirromy
Purakau: climber mirromy, active Pool Guardian.
Hapoka: cave mirromy, he is an oddity among mirromy, being more hermitlike than the average. It's rumored that he spoke, in secret, with the scholars, and picked up some knowledge from them.

Initial batch of volunteers

1.) Faelana Serin elven woman
2.) Alynn Meresa elven woman
3.) Chal Rakisk human woman

Secondary batch of volunteers

4.) Hal Jehrir human man
5.) Urmenor Alleca elven man
6.) Orjud Hevarax dragonborn man
7.) Lena Shaon human woman
8.) Lirrhon Orina dragonborn woman

Second-gen Gillkin

Ilzof Tamairii-Zari
Poroko Tamairii'Nakori


72% gillkin, 28% other
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