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Gillkin / Mirromy

Strangers from a Strange Land

Creatures from another world, so it's said, brought to the lands of Elmaloris by means that they don't often speak of. Someone, or something, somewhere enacted some kind of dimensional displacement magic upon them.
  While it's rare for them to have any actual leaders, a group of them, one of each type of the creatures, has formed a council that acts on the interests of their kind.
  Their presence in the world has hardly gone unnoticed, as, while their hot new home has very few creatures, there is occasionally a person or two that crosses the region of Singewater, who happen to spot the strange camp bordering the road.
  Formerly Meerowmee, has since been appended to "Mirromy" by Archmagister Azita Drelzith and the Council of Magisters, after word of the discover reached Telhoken. Their campsite's name is Kariiha.
  Further details on the studies of these creatures, conducted by Magister Alagast and his fellow scholars, can be found at Alagast's Treatise on the Mirromy
  Following integration with the rest of society, newborn mirromy have adopted the naming scheme of the people of Fjarol, wherein their surname is literally "daughter(dottir) of", or "son of" their father. For the mirromy, there's a more matronymic pattern, given that the mother spends a touch more time with the egg than the father. Examples include Ilzof Tamairii-Zari, or Poroko Tamairii'Nakori. Tamairii essentially means child, though it is strange that the mirromy don't use their word for 'of'- being 'nua'- in the surname.


Gillkin/mirromy do not have any magic of their own, and those magicians around here have either been taught, or were born on-world to magical powers.


Their language is an oral one, featuring no written component. When the Hokenian scholars documented the language, they used their own alphabet to write it down. Mirromish, as well, uses a handful of loanwords, having no preexisting concepts of 'magic' or 'gods', for examples.


Their scientific name is a portmanteau play on a classic comparison of the creatures. Limax means slug, cattus is cat, and venus is either a misspeling, or a contraction of "venatus". Mirro refers to the mirromy word for themselves, being "Mirromy"

Scientific Name
Limaxattuvenus mirro
For the sci-fi iteration, look here.
Coastal(common) Mirromy
Ability Score Modifiers: Mirromys are swift, capable hunters, but aren't terribly hardy. +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
Type: Humanoid (Aquatic)
Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30 ft, swim 30 ft.
Languages: Outlanders - Mirromys start knowing Mirromish only.
Amphibious(Ex): Creatures with this quality have the aquatic subtype, but can survive indefinitely on land.
Swimmers(Ex): Mirromies always treat Swim as a class skill.
Natural Attacks: Mirromies gain a variant bite attack in the form of a tongue stab, dealing piercing damage exclusively, and a tail slap that deals the appropriate damage accordingly. The tongue stab deals damage as a bite attack of one size smaller than the actual creature, but unlike a bite attack(1d4 for medium, 1d3 small, etc), the tongue stab is a secondary weapon against most targets, but acts as a primary weapon against tiny and smaller creatures. The tail slap acts as a normal tail slap attack.
Hunterer-Gatherer(Ex): The Mirromys are hunter-gatherers by nature, and are adept at tracking down food, be it for meat or herbs. +2 Racial on Survival checks.
Toxic Tendrils(Ex): Nearly any of the tendrils dotting the Mirromy's body can produce a paralyzing toxic film. Thankfully, they don't normally produce it unless scared for their life or if they choose to, so it's generally safe to touch them. A Mirromy is never at risk of poisoning themselves with this toxin, though they are susceptible to another Mirromy's toxin. They can use this ability a number of times equal to their Constitution modifier(minimum 1).
Mirromy Toxin
Type: contact; Save: Fortitude DC (10 + 1/2 character level + Constitution modifier)
Frequency: 1/round for 6 rounds
Effect: 1d2 Dex damage plus paralysis for 1 round
Cure: 1 save

High-Range Vision(Ex): Mirromies are specially adapted to the dimmer, murkier depths of the oceans, but not to air-filled environments. They can see in the dark up to 60 feet while underwater, but do not gain this benefit out of water.
Mirromy eyes are highly reflective, and are able to register visual details in the darkest of places. The 'gem' located in the center of a Mirromy's forehead is in fact an eye, of sorts. Though not capable of discerning color or detail, it is still capable of registering vague shapes and light in a rounded arc above a Mirromy's head. This photosensitivity helps ensure that predators are not stalking them from behind or above as they hunt on the bottom of a body of water. Gains a +1 racial bonus on Perception checks, and can see up to their full sight range, but can only make out vague shapes in murky water. If their third eye is damaged, they are subject to the usual rules of underwater sight and concealment(Core Rulebook pg 432).
Darkvision: A Mirromy's eyes can make out detail in the darkest of places, affording them darkvision for 60 feet. This ability is lost if the Mirromy's third eye is damaged severely enough.
Low-light Vision: In addition to seeing in the dark, they are equally capable of making out detail in dim light, and can see twice as far as humans in dim lighting.

Other Mirromy Types

Some gain additional traits, while others simply have altered traits.
Cave Mirromy
Improved Low-light Vision: From living in dimly lit caverns, the Cave Mirromy has evolved enhanced sight. They gain an additional 10 ft of vision in dim light. This alters low-light vision.
Climber Mirromy
Climber(Ex): After acclimating to the forests and jungles of their homeland, a Climber Mirromy has gained quite the proficiency in climbing and hunting from these vantages. Climb speed is 20 feet (along with the +8 racial on Climb checks and climb speed affords). A climber's swim speed is brought down to 10 ft in exchange. This ability alters the swim speed.
Deep Sea Mirromy
Deepsight: Deep sea mirromies are even more adapted to the lightless depths of the oceans, but not to air-filled environments. They can see in the dark up to 120 feet while underwater, but do not gain this benefit out of water. This ability replaces High-Range Vision.
Improved Darkvision: The darkness of the depths has forced the deep sea type to adapt, affording them an additional 10 ft of darkvision. By specializing so, they lose out on low-light vision. This ability replaces low-light vision, and alters darkvision.
Lake Mirromy
Floral Imitator: When among lake-bed plantlife, a Lake Mirromy can tilt upside down, letting their tail drift in the waves, imitating nearby flora. +4 circumstance bonus to the DC of Disguise checks when among underwater plantlife.
Polar Mirromy
Cold Resistance: Their stores of fat keep them from freezing to death in the harsh, frigid environments they've made their home in. They gain a +1 on saves to resist cold environment dangers.
Pygmy Coastal Mirromy
Type: Humanoid (type)
Size: Small
Base Speed: Slow(25 ft), Swim 20 ft.
Glider: Pygmy Mirromys possess gliding wings, allowing them to fall without taking damage, provided they are conscious during the fall. While midair, the Mirromy can move 5 feet horizontally for every 1 foot fallen, at a speed of 60 feet per round. These wings cannot actually be used for proper flight, meaning the Mirromy cannot gain any height. With assistance of a strong wind, or other effects that assist gliding creatures to rise, the Mirromy can take advantage of the updraft to increase the distance they can glide. The pygmy Mirromy takes no damage from falling (provided they are conscious at the time), and while in midair, they can move up to 5 feet in any horizontal direction for every 1 foot they fall, at a speed of 60 feet per round. They cannot gain height with these membranes alone; they merely coast in other directions as they fall. If subjected to a strong wind or any other effect that causes a creature with gliding membranes to rise, they can take advantage of the updraft to increase the distance they can glide. This ability replaces swimmer.
Keen Eyesight: Gains a +2 racial bonus on perception checks.
Reef Mirromy
Floral Imitator: When among reef-borne flora, a Reef Mirromy can tilt upside down, letting their tail drift in the waves, imitating nearby flora. +4 circumstance bonus to Disguise checks when among underwater plantlife.
Swamp Mirromy
Swamp Swimmer: Can freely move through the debris of a swamp, treating squares of shallow and deep bog as if they were regular water for the purposes of movement.
Volcanic Mirromy
Natural Armor: +1 to AC from the thickness of their plates and fine scales.
Harshly Familiar: As creatures who have grown up around harsh, uneven environments, they have adapted to not be slowed down by any of it. Negates speed penalties for naturally occurring difficult terrain. Magically altered terrain still affects them, however.

Alternate Traits

Stubbed Tail: Some Mirromys experience traumatic injuries early in life, leaving them with damaged tails. These proverbial lost causes prove themselves to be anything but by persevering and learning to swim without relying on their tails too heavily. As a result of this, they gain the Athletics sphere with the Swim package as a bonus talent. This ability replaces a Mirromy's swim speed, and swimmer abilities. Pygmy Mirromys are unable to take this alternate trait. Those with this trait also lose access to the tail slap natural attack.
  Hokenian Apprentice: Trained up by Yuan's caravan, these mirromy have learned Common, and have begun dabbling in other common languages. A mirromy with this trait begins play speaking Common and Mirromish. Mirromy with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Aquan, Auran, Dwarven, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, and Orcish.

These creatures are not my- FrostWyrm102's- creation; they were created by one Iggi. Plenty of anatomical and biological diagrams can be found here, for those brave enough.   See also: Mirromy

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