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Fuzzy, fluffy, or sometimes even bald, these bipedal, felid humanoids are often so nearly as neurotic and quirky as their quadrupedal (distant) cousins.
While they come from all over, most speak a unified language, while those who migrated to the Rasilan Steppes have adopted their very own dialect.

A race of graceful explorers, catfolk are both clannish and curious by nature. They tend to get along with races that treat them well and respect their boundaries. They love exploration, both physical and intellectual, and tend to be natural adventurers.
Originally known as Cathwerin to the heartland cultures, Neruiwi among the Farothi, and as the Sinhamanu among the Cleavewind peoples, the term "Catfolk" only arose after Hokenian became a standard of language.
  Catfolk Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Intuitive Self-Taught Trained
15 years +1d4 +1d6 +2d6
Table: Catfolk Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
35 years 53 years 70 years 70+2d20 years
Table: Catfolk Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Rasilan 4' 10" +2d12 120 lb. +(2d8×5) lb.
Farothi 4' 8" +2d12 120 lb. +(2d8×5) lb.
Cleavewind 5' 6" +2d20 170 lb. +(2d8×5) lb.
Sxienese Leopardfolk 5' 2" +2d8 130 lb. +(2d8×5) lb.
Sxienese Tigerfolk 6' 4" +2d12 160 lb. +(2d8×5) lb.


Seen as the 'baseline' catfolk type by most people, they stand 5-6 feet tall, sport striped, or spotted coats of greys and oranges, and live in the most advanced settlements of any catfolk type.
Slightly shorter than Rasilan, the Farothian catfolk strike a distinction in their generally brighter coats, and more robust physiques, though they trade luxury for a humble living in the shadow of the mountains.
Looking not unlike the Leonine minus two legs, these creatures are stalwart survivalists, fending against the elements and raids from their more savage, quadrupedal cousins.
Found mostly around the Xiaolung Peninsula, these spotted feline-folk may not be as tall as their Cleavewind cousins, or Tigerfolk, but they make up for that with their dedication to discipline.
Tall, and burly, these catfolk rarely interact with the rest of the civilized world, as they're often content to sit in their wildland homes, tending and maintaining their slice of the world above all else, though reveling in their freedom does come close as a second highest priority.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The grooming and care of one's fur and head-hair is often the only thing that matters for the catfolk, beauty-wise.

Common Dress Code

Farothian catfolk care little about modesty, so clothing is really more a courtesy for when they leave their secluded little settlements.
Meanwhile, the Rasilan are often among other races, and thus will observe a more conservative, pragmatic fashion sense.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Related Ethnicities
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