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The Rasilan Order

An order of knights that follow Rukyr's teachings of honor and generosity in civilization, but valor and ferocity in combat, they work out of Ailorasil itself both in defense of the city and to serve their ruler- Queen-Regnant Talo Ares, at the time- in whatever is needed.


  • Squire: A fledgling inductee who has yet to show their dedication.
  • Knight-Errant: The next step up from a lowly squire, these knights lack the clout and influence of their superiors, and will continue to until they either prove their worth through deeds or purchase a sizable stretch of land.
  • Knight: The elder warriors of the Order, they aren't as influential as proper noblemen, but they still have a fair say in manners of law.
  • Knight-Exemplar: The eldest warriors of the Order, the earliest rank in which a knight of the order can rival the weight of voice of a baron or duke.


Created in the wake of Rukyr Lendris' demise after driving the Grimhook gnolls out of Ailorasil.
Military, Knightly Order
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