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This muscular creature has the upper torso of an olive-skinned humanoid with long, flowing braided hair, whose lower body is that of a mighty lion, its mane creating a flourished merging point between the two halves. The leonine are a nomadic people, for the most part, though they have established a few settlements along the Rebellion Gulf's southern banks, in the region known as Cleavewind. Once upon a time, they splintered from a common ancestor with the selvaxi, though how exactly they gained the entirety of a lion's body is a hotly-debated topic among Magisters.
A typical leonine stands 7 feet tall and can reach lengths of up to 10 feet long, and they weigh, on average 700 pounds. Males tend to grow longer hair on their heads than the females, though this may not always be the case.
Scientific Name
Corpus leonis