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Conflict has shaped the lands of Ukrenil, on the world of Elmaloris. Ailorasil, a budding town in the region known nowadays as the Rasilan Steppes, was invaded years ago by a warband of gnolls who vanquished the woefully unprepared town guard and conquered the Rasilan catfolk. For countless generations they broiled beneath the surface, subjugated, until, eventually the people rose in arms and forced their gnarled conquerors out and back to Grimhook.
Now, after the hottest of the conflicts have cooled down, an adventurer's guild is rumored to be starting up, one known simply as the Order of the White Wyrm.
  • The Ivory Expanse
    • Ivory Tower
  • Rimeshriek Taiga
    • Farnu
  • Wever Coast
    • Thren Belanore
    • Eshradell
    • Ireathnas
  • Houndstooth Highlands
  • Ferheart Basin
    • Kin Badur
  • Forlorn Ridge
    • Lair of Garazhur
  • Grimhook Bloodgrounds
  • Rasilan Steppes
  • Aridedge Beach
  • Scorched Badlands
  • The Blazescar
  • Omunth's Reach
  • Singewater Marsh
    • Temple in the Fog
    • Kariiha
    • Ver Thurum
  • The Barren Strip
  • Flurrydrift Tundra
  • The Hrojynn Expanse
  • Sahuatl Pass
  • Noar Fields
  • Frulyrst Valley
  • Manavik Crater
  • Falrem Bluff
  • Watcher's Summit
  • Frostfog Highlands
  • Ancient Peninsula
  • Ridgerunner Cove
  • Farglint Wastes
  • Cleavewind Prairie
    • Effé Aquianor
  • Cragheim Wilds
  • Alfoss Heartlands
  • Heimshriek Margin
  • Skjalfir Fields
  • Drangar Shore
  • Hromir Beach
  • Chandyien Wilds
  • Teng's Reach
  • Munbaek Desert
  • Khuyang Wastes
  • Arikukami Dunes
  • Narodu Steppes
  • Inakot Strip
  • Singhpe Marsh
  • Koriko Shore
  • Gobei Taiga
  • Xiaolung Peninsula

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  • Elmaloris
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