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Order of the White Wyrm

A mysterious, up-and-coming adventurer's guild founded by an equally enigmatic half-elf named Guildmaster Valus.
Symbolized and recognizable by its stylized winged dragon, with two horns, one being cut off halfway down. Aspirants who have passed their first test are gifted a silver clasp with this symbol engraved on its surface.


Guildmaster Valus


Ms Prima


Master Teng
Yuan Yan

Quest Managers

Rouin Veokith
Zaokari Queng

Other Staff

Jatuun Nightclaw, druid gardener and head of healing.
Zuran, female undine quartermaster and shipment manager.
Nevesh, male sylph caravanner, Guild route and transportation manager.
Alha Shadowclaw, female hunter, assembler of adventurer kits, works close with Zuran.

Aspiring Adventurers

Diardo Vitri, a tiefling man with more rage than cleanliness.
  The dragonborn bard with a winning smile, Sothyra Valrok
  The hot-headed cleric, Treth Ashlight.
  The eager druid with a thing against living skeletons, Onnalda Atmoff.
  The orcish fighter with a debt looming heavy on her shoulders, Sanuka Ulvestad.
  A restless monk from the wastes, Chassi Frin.
  A driven gnomish paladin, Krothur Femba.
  A cool-headed half-elf ranger, Lesri Laarkis.
  The moody dwarven rogue, Braldor Duskthorn.
  The blunt, to-the-point elven sorceress, Vendross Nasso.
  A loud, oft-drunken gnomish wizard, Imbick Biarlaer.
  The goblin alchemist, Chomkag.
  Dwarven cavalier, Lady Erla Stonebreath.
  The once-venerated knight, now sword-twirling magus, Payu Lightfury.
  The reclusive wolffolk oracle, Kragen Pierce.
  Aleister Mallory, a sallow man out to slay the undead.
  A mild-mannered gnoll witch, Reah Mraathmir.
  Female lizardfolk arcanist, Sholak
  A male dragonborn bloodrager, Gorahad Dronxul.
  The wandering wolffolk brawler, Roth Aluxious.
  Female catfolk hunter, Ulme Willowscar.
  Female kobold investigator, Fahim.
  The charming grippli shaman, Glush.
  A burly, bushy-bearded Fjarolan skald, Thormid Gaustad.
  A master slayer, Gobas Onkak.
  The female gnome swashbuckler, Geth Riosp.
  A serious catfolk warpriest, Rardem Sallowfire.
  A human male kineticist, Kalloc Nishan.
  Chandeyien kitsune mesmerist, Kazuko.
  Tengu occultist, Tehaso Sanock.
  Ratfolk psychic, Chem.
  The man who dodges questions, catfolk knight, Jurimha Greyward.


At the head of the Guild is the Guildmaster.
To the Guildmaster's side is the Steward.
Beneath the Steward and the Guildmaster are the Councilmen, followed quickly by the Quest Managerial staff.

Public Agenda

Everyone deep in their heart wants to strike out on an adventure, but doing so unprepared is terribly ill-advised. So, Mr. Valus opted to establish an organization that would facilitate and better prepare aspiring adventurers for the perils!
Founding Date
Iraselavra 2nd, 1611
Guild, Adventuring
Training Level