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Jatuun Nightclaw (ʒə'tʊn ɑn'vɛvəl)

Elder Jatuun Ahnvaevel (a.k.a. Nightclaw)

One of few Vaenori who have traveled outside of their secretive copses. While he was in Telhoken, he met with Lady Yuan, and though their initial reception to one another was cold, after they spent the evening in each other's company in the heart of the park, they grew warmer. While she went off on another expedition with Tilkaz, Jatuun journeyed north and met with the mysterious Guildmaster Valus, and offered his skills and services to the up-and-coming adventurer's guild.


Born 1006 DF to priestly parents, it is said that his eyes shone bright gold, a sign that Vaenori prophets usually associate with great druidic potential. In his infancy, he was already being trained to understand nature, and when he could first speak and understand words, the druidic circle of the Vaenori people took him in, teaching him to commune with the wilds around him. Within 50 years- a feat in and of itself, given it usually takes over a century- he'd grasped the fundaments of the wilds, and had learned to harness its flow to help heal, and maintain the balance of the land.
By the age of 115, year 1121, he had 'graduated' and offered a helping hand to the people in need around his village. 5 years later, his first major deed turned out to be culling a pack of wolves that have grown larger than normal.
Age 203, year 1209, after doing a load of minor tasks for his people, he caught wind of some bandits coming in from Ferheart, and, with a small group of warriors, set out to cut them off and deflect their approach, or slay them, if all else fails. Being bandits, it became a fight to the last, and though all of the Vaenori warriors came away injured, none had fallen, and they returned home as heroes.
In the year of 1324, age 318, he heard troubling news of a deathly miasma in the forests to the north, and banding once more with village volunteers, he set out to discover the root. When one of the volunteers was grasped and toppled by what at first seemed to be a corpse on the floor, they all knew that the undead must be the cause. One by one, the team slew the hungering undead, and once more, Jatuun proved his worth as a druid, by cleaving a fester from the world, and in the process, healing damages done.
By year 1450, age 444, Jatuun set off on his own, departing from home and journeying across the land. Around the eastern border of the Houndstooth highlands, he came face to face with a horror. So alarmed was he against this foe that he was nearly killed in facing it, but he mustered himself and clobbered the beast with staff and club. Panting, ragged, and nearly felled himself, he hobbled to an orcish township and collapsed in the bed of a local inn. Two days later, in the midst of his wounds healing, the encounter rose again in his mind, and thoughts spiraled through his head, making him question the validity of the greenfolk around him; "What if they're spider-heads in disguise?" he thought. Recovering from this paranoia took the counsel of a local Khuzdaru priest.
In the year 1590, Jatuun turned 584, and in his journey east, he discovered a pair of creatures, the apparent results of some mad wizard's alchemy, or polymorphing, as both demonstrated elemental powers in their attempts to deter the approaching druid. Through a calm demeanor, and steady movement, he coaxed the two to come close, and he comforted them. These two creatures accompanied him as he made his way to Telhoken. Along the way, over the course of about a year's journey, he realized that these creatures would be at risk of being stolen, so he fashioned some cages for them, hefting them upon his back and allowing them to roam free before ushering them into the cages just outside of the city, pulling them along via cart and relaxing at the park. There, he was approached by a grey gnoll, and though the creatures reflexively arched and glared, he maintained his calm and spoke pleasantly with her. The two parted ways, and later in the week, he witnessed a magister walking through the park, frolicking and transforming into something larger. She was surprised to see someone else in the park, and though it looked as though she was going to scorn him, his calm, casual wave in greeting disarmed her, and brought her to approach. The two sat for hours, discussing and sharing their journeys so far. Yuan Yan, as he'd discover her name, was once a shrine-maiden of sorts back in Lasxien, but journeyed to Ukrenil with Master Teng in search of something, though she was cagey when it came to elaborating. As the sun fell, and the stars rose, their casual conversation devolved into touching and holding of one another, such that by time the moon was at its zenith, the druid and the magister shared a long, close moment together, sleeping soundly in one another's arms.
Years later, after tackling a mad griffon with Yuan, he released the two creatures under his care, and set upon expeditions with the magister. Come 1600, though, he was feeling pangs of homesickness, and so, he parted ways to visit home, but ran into a withered and sickly treant. Having no choice, he felled the mighty guardian, and did what he could to purify its remains.
1608, he set east again, checking in with the Hokenians, and then heading northward to the site of a new guildhouse, whereupon he'd offer his skills and services to Guildmaster Valus.
Year of Birth
1006 DF 605 Years old
Radiant yellow
7' 0" (213.36cm)
225 lb (102.06kg)
Known Languages
Vaenori Elvish, Elven