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Sitting on the border of the Wever Coast and Grimhook, this is the homestead of the Redharvest gnolls.
Bordered on all sides by lush, tilled farmlands, brimming with cultivated herbs. For a people so normally ravenous and barbaric, there's a surprisingly small number of livestock within Redharvest's grounds. The livestock that is present is handled with unusual care and gentleness, a far cry from their cousins to the east.


Gravetender's Cloister

Here, where the oracles of Keeana maintain the graves of fallen Redharvest members; it is their rites, enacted by her mother, that brought Tilkaz back to the land of the living after a still birth.
    Rite of the Second Chance: Taught by Keeana aeons ago, it's said, but to be used only in instances of a newborn dying before their chance at life. Anything else, according to Keeanan tenets, is blasphemy, and liable to bring tremendous peril upon those who misuse such a rite. Purportedly, those risen by this rite have a chance to take on aspects of undeath, like the adverse reaction to holy(i.e. positive) powers.

Redfae Hill

The largest district, housing the citizenry.

Farmer's Market

Equal parts marketplace and farmer homestead.

Notable People

Tilkaz: Local necromancer out to make a name for herself.  After traveling for a while, and falling in battle in the elven lands, it's safe to say she has made a name for herself.
Muggor Rithfeng: She's the leader of the council of tradesmen, who, as a group, rule Elimond.
Imnath the Mighty: Rithfeng's righthand woman, she's a gnoll of the Grimhook caliber, though she has tempered any and all lingering aggression with patience.
Trohna Woegrin: Head oracle, she's beset with the Lame curse, oversees much of the Gravetender activities in the Cloister.
Efhan: Lumber-worker for the village.
Igrot Soilbash: A master craftsman, though his paranoia hinders him from really, fully excelling.
Algur Crackedfang: The Tiny Terror, she's a slowly reforming criminal.
Mohr Fahstil: Owner of the mystic shop, the Sleeping Sphere.
Brukk Sootfang: The local blacksmith, owner of the Sootforge.