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Malorin Calendar

Notable Eras

Dragon's Reign: A time when primordials and dragons ruled without question.
Dragon's Fall: An era marked by the first portents of dragonkind's fall, an act that wouldn't be carried out until nearly two millennia later.


Every month has 90 days.
  • Iraselavra: Spring
  • Erthnetora: Summer
  • Grikad: Autumn
  • Onkmet: Winter


  • Sikstakear
  • Irralkear
  • Kihlekear
  • Tamarkear
  • Jlaakear
  • Sultakear

Notable Days

Erthnetora 78, 1347
Founding Day: The day that the first Rasilan was christened, where the city of Ailorasil was first established on a conquered land.
Day of Mourning: A tabaxi holiday, where the scant survivors of the steppes are commemorated, and the fallen are mourned for.
Grikad 1st, 1466
Festival of the Dragon: A grand festival held throughout the more major populous towns and cities, involving exquisitely ornate, often golden streamers, massive feasts in honor of the dragon hunters, and also the burning of a draconic effigy. This day commemorates the slaying of the last known dragon at the hands of the dragon hunters.


  • 1: Festival of Life
  • 44: Heart's Day
  • 58: Benerji's Eve
  • 77: Saint Taxa's Day
  • 85: Spring Festival
  • 37: Dam's Day
  • 78: Founding Day / Day of Mourning
  • 79: Sire's Day
  • 1: Festival of the Dragon
  • 30: Hallowed Harvest
  • 59: Gracious Feast
  • 84: Winter's Prep
  • 85: Father Winter's Run
  • 90: Festival Eve
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