Elmaloris Malorin Timeline Timeline

Malorin Timeline

The story of existence on Elmaloris.

  • 80000 DR

    28000 DR

    Primordial Herding
    Construction beginning/end

    Ancient beings, dragons, and other titanic things are recorded as walking the land, molding the land into the shape it's known for today. It's said that they also guided the ancestors down paths that would lead to them eventually becoming the 'mortal races'. Though what happened to the beings other than dragons is unknown, as they left precious little trace of their existence.

  • 28000 DR

    1466 DF

    Dragon's Reign
    Era beginning/end

    Following the herding of primordial elements, the last titans, the dragons, find themselves reigning over the lands. Many- such as the Sxienese Imperial dragons- are benevolent, mentoring and protecting the mortal races, some simply claim plots of land for themselves and shelter away from the world, and others still exert their will upon their subjects.

  • 18900 DR

    Omunth's Birth
    Life, Birth

    A powerful creature, Omunth the Gray, is born.

  • 15000 DR

    Humanity's Rise
    Geological / environmental event

    First documented in Alfoss, on the continent of Fjarol, early humanity expanded in the frigid wilds under the watchful eye of Zateth the Lustrous, and with her blessings started making expeditions to other lands. Olvir Irisson and the expedition to the east miss their intended mark, and land upon the west shores of Ukrenil, and settle in a region that would later be known as the Houndstooth Highlands.

  • 12000 DR

    Rise of the Catfolk
    Geological / environmental event

    The first dire lion learns to walk on two legs in Cleavewind, and over the next millennia, they migrate across the land, some settling in at Sahuatl- splintering from catfolk and becoming a lankier species known in their own tongue as the Tabaxi.
    Simultaneously, the smilodons of Faroth become bipedal, and sapient, building settlements in the snowy wastes. Some of them migrate southward, and come into conflict with the tabaxi of Rasil and Sahuatl.

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  • 3500 DR

    Olvir's Expedition

    Olvir Irisson, under Zateth's order, sets out towards the land to the east, known then as Sxien, but their instruments and directions are poorly understood, and so they wind up on the west shores of Ukrenil instead. Never one to waste opportunities, Olvir and Zateth work this unexpected land into a new home, a domain for Zateth's lordship.
    Katja Knutsdottir led an expedition to the west, making landfall in a region that she dubbed "Frulyrst". The expedition team settles near a pond in the middle of the valley.

  • 3200 DR

    Settling of Einarmund
    Political event

    Katja passed 200 years prior, but the settlement, christened "Einarmund" is flourishing in this new land. It isn't long into their new life when a dragon from the Falrem mountains swoops down and harries the new settlers, however, and this dragon has since been dubbed "The Watcher".

  • 2900 DR

    Caerwynn's Establishment
    Political event

    For centuries, the people in Houndstooth toiled and worked the land, instructed by draconic emissaries and the like, the heirs of Irisson establish the kingdom of Caerwynn.

  • 950 DR

    Scarlet Rampage

    Eryk Torvalsson, a stout man with bright red hair, inheriting his father's temperament and thirst for blood, was a powderkeg waiting to blow. The spark that ignited it all, was when his servants were killed in response to a landslide that they'd caused. He took up arms, and slew those who'd slain his servants, but in the heat of it, killed more than initially intended. Things were getting so out of hand, none could stop his rampage, that Zateth had to fly down from her roost and knock the fight from him, herself, catching a few scores in the process. Once he was defeated, she cast him from the continent, initially for only three years, but, as word got back to her that he was continuing his rampage in other lands, this exile became more permanent.

  • 0 DR

    Dragon's Fall
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Draconic oracles foretell of the fall of dragonkind at the hands of the mortal races. Many dragons, as a result, flock to the fringes of the continent, save for the red dragons, who maintain a strong presence north of Flurrydrift, in a region that would later be known as the Blazescar.

  • 377 DF

    68 Grikad

    Ver Thurum's Fall

    Deep ones raid the prosperous city of Ver Thurum, slaughtering citizens and soldiers without discretion. Their only exit blocked by the invaders, this branch of dwarven-kind is believed to be largely extinct. To this day, deep ones come and go from the ruins.

    Ver Thurum
  • 1347 DF

    78 Erthnetora

    Founding Day / Day of Mourning
    Military action

    The end of a prolonged war between the catfolk and the tabaxi in a region that would eventually be known as the Rasilan Steppes.

  • 1420 DF

    67 Grikad

    Arrival from afar

    A group of traveling Sergals, Agudners and Nevreans emerge under a Munthir arch, in the middle of an oasis in a land not their own. Long had they fostered distrust among their numbers, for even as they settled camp around the arch, the fledgling factions set their tents northward and southward. Still, they, as a group, are led by Ur Nalekk, a snake-tongued general who favors the methods of an older sergal general.

    Cragheim Wilds
  • 1431 DF

    9 Erthnetora

    A Struggle for Power

    Ur Nalekk, as the foundation of what would become Goldring City is laid, turns her attention to the Arch, which had proven to be a conduit between home, and this new realm, sought to take control of its usage. Ershishi Maloz, meanwhile, petitions that it remain free. Impatience grows in the heart of Nalekk, and one fateful night, Ershishi is kidnapped, tortured by the violent general, and left to rot in the hot sun north of the city. Come the morning, arguments erupt, and the first blow is swung, fracturing the already tenuous peace, and leading to an all-out conflict between the factions. The traveling party is decimated, Nalekk is slain in the conflict, though not before she managed to cleave the Arch, rendering its corridor inert, and stranding the party in the middle of the oasis.

  • 1435 DF

    55 Onkmet
    1438 DF

    64 Grikad

    Goldring's Founding

    With the last of the tension expelled from the conflict, and with the newfound kinship as stranded fellows, the north and south factions set hard to work on building a new home for themselves. Construction of the city takes the better part of three years, and is named Goldring, as southern craftsmen dredged up enough gold to line the outer wall in a band of gold. In Nalekk's place, a craftswoman by the name of Shian, takes first leadership of the city, and under her reign, the city prospers, fostering relations with the newly discovered local peoples of the realm.

    Goldring City
  • 1466 DF

    1 Grikad

    The Dragon Purge
    Military action

    A day of celebration or tears, depending on who you ask, for dragonkind has been vanquished to stop them from ravaging the lands.
    This day is commemorated by the holiday, "Festival of the Dragon".

  • 1584 DF

    Elrin's Birth
  • 1590 DF

    24 Iraselavra
    1590 DF

    27 Iraselavra

    Expedition to Singewater

    A journey into Singewater, headed by Yuan Yan, and including Tilkaz, uncovers a mysterious race of humanoids in a secluded, beachside village

  • 1590 DF

    33 Iraselavra
    1590 DF

    40 Iraselavra

    Journey to Telhoken

    With a mysterious scythe now in her possession, Tilkaz and Rolwaz journey east to the city of lights, Telhoken to try and find things related to lichdom. Along the way, she finds a cave with some cultists, and a trapped dragon that its attendant kobolds refer to as Zhalhuda, or "Troublemaker". After freeing and then traveling with the kobolds back above ground, they run into a doppelganger, knock the fight out of him, and then they tread deeper underground, uncovering a dusty undercroft to the cultist lair. There, they find a wight with one glowing red eye, calling himself "Selephus", loyal adherent of Lanika, a halfling necromancer seeking to become a lich. Though Lanika had vanished many centuries ago, her adherent had apparently been endlessly toiling, and when Tilkaz arrives, he had completed the receptacle for her heart. Whether out of pity, or a grim acceptance that his friend, and master, would never return, he hands the receptacle to the gnoll, and wishes her well.
    From there, Tilkaz journeys east, leaving the kobolds to live with the catfolk of Direfeld.  Eventually, the duo arrives at the city of lights, and immediately starts to prod around for rite reagents.  A mysterious elf, with a strange pair of creatures, in the park, detours them for a moment, but not for long.

  • 1590 DF

    41 Iraselavra

    Tilkaz's Ascension

    With an entourage of magisters and students, each trained and instructed on ways to prevent harmful backlash, Tilkaz begins the ritual in Telhoken's Stonecrown district, specifically near the Keystone of Rholkan. One harrowing ritual later, with the pain of cutting her own heart out subsiding, the gnoll had succeeded, heart now sealed in the phylactery Selephus had crafted.
    To memorialize this event, the gnoll gave the Scythe of Unlife to magister craftsmen, asking them to disenchant it, so that she can use it for a focus item in her "Sphere-casting" and/or enchant it to her own liking later on. Shortly after receiving the item, Tilkaz and Rolwaz became quiet, with the latter focusing on his tattoo ventures for many weeks, before they eventually return to Elimond, for the upcoming conflict.

  • 1590 DF

    68 Onkmet
    1592 DF

    31 Iraselavra

    Shasys' Rebellion
    Military action

    2 years of conflict, culminating in the loss of Shasys and Tilkaz, though the latter, being a lich, did revive after the dust settled. Though they lost the battle, they proved ultimately to be the victors, as the seeds of doubt in the Belanori, and their slave trade, had been planted.

  • 1593 DF


    Deza's Birthday
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  • 1610 DF

    7 Grikad

    Rasilan Priest of Bizhena goes missing
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    The Bizhentan priest, Rowan Dawn, has gone missing after last seen traveling south from Ailorasil, parishioners of the Rasilan Temple of Bizhena fear the worst, and have petitioned the guard to search the area; though nothing yet has turned up. Cora Valion is said to be looking for any clues about his brother.

  • 1610 DF

    43 Grikad

    Rescue of the Blue Merchant

    Deza, under threat of expulsion from the Cantwater guild, goes out into the woods to rescue a missing merchant.

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  • 1610 DF

    90 Onkmet 23:00

    The Heist of Lune's Manor

    Lady Lune Grukam returns home from the Festival of Life to discover that her prized lucky statuette has gone missing. The guards inform her that a trio of bandits were seen escaping through her room's window.