Elmaloris Shasys' Rebellion

Shasys' Rebellion

Military action


2 years of conflict, culminating in the loss of Shasys and Tilkaz, though the latter, being a lich, did revive after the dust settled. Though they lost the battle, they proved ultimately to be the victors, as the seeds of doubt in the Belanori, and their slave trade, had been planted.

A 2-years war started by Tilkaz and Shasys, to topple the Belanori monarchy and free the greenfolk from slavery.
Starting from the southwest, to keep blowback directed away from the humble hamlet of Elimond, the gnoll and the undead elf led a small army- made up of undead and volunteers- up through the dunes and hills of southern Wever. The battle started swiftly, with an arrow loosed and a wave of death, and for many hours, the sides clashed, matched surprisingly evenly. From the northeast at the end of the night, the fray was joined by two forces, one being cloaked knights, and the other being Shau-Borean Order. The cloaked knights acted on the side of Tilkaz, while the Shau-Borean warriors joined in on the side of the Belanori.
Despite the assistance, Tilkaz's side became quickly outmatched, and then, two deaths sealed the conflict, and marked a Belanori victory, as the lich gnoll and the skeleton elf fell in the battle. Though they had failed to topple the Belanori, the actions of these two martyrs served to sow the seeds of doubt. Daetris, the leader of the cloaked knights, was imprisoned by her former masters, and put to the blade in front of her ex-kinsmen. With her last words being "Behold, the Order would sooner kill a woman true to her heart than free the greenfolk from their bonds" the seeds sown by Tilkaz and Shasys were well nourished indeed. The township of Ireathnas started freeing their greenfolk slaves a little under a year after the ashes had settled, and erected a statue of the fallen Shasys, much to the dismay of their still-recovering lords.
After the conflict's resolution, an injured gnoll tattooist, Rolwaz, returned to the Gravetender chapel, laying low and keeping an eye on his friend's phylactery while Tilkaz slowly reformed in the chapel undercroft.

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