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Rowan Dawn

Hailing originally from the Faroth Plains, he migrated to the kingdom of Ailorasil in an effort to spread the Green Mother's teachings and blessings to the civilized world.  Working outside of the backyard of a lumbermill, he preached with cheer and passion, imploring those who'd gathered to be not afraid of multiplying, that Bizhena will be there to lean on in the darkest times of child-rearing.   Over the many years, he and his followers become more and more prominent, not only helping in midwife activities, and teaching in the practice of safe sexual practices, but also in general good samaritan acts, like housing and feeding the impoverished and downtrodden.  He cemented his reputation as a pillar of the community through deed and goodwill, and a temple to Bizhena was erected within the kingdom's walls, serving as both a springboard for sermons and a more stable place to shelter the downtrodden.  It was a surprise, then, to everyone, when on a brisk fall morning in 1610, he set out on a mission south, traveling with a handful of figures in cloaks- adventurers, the people presumed- only to never return again.
Rasilan Priest of Bizhena goes missing
Current Status
Missing, presumed dead.
Date of Birth
Iraselavra 2nd, 1581
Date of Death
Grikad 7th, 1610 DF
1581 DF 1610 DF 29 years old
5' 10"
180 lbs