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Malorin Pantheon

Founded untold ages ago, at a time when the world was still warm from its time as a molten sphere, the mortal races molded by the gods from beyond promptly formed a group with which to worship the immortals, the most devout of which earned boons and divine blessings for their dedication. Unified under the pantheon on the surface, there was conflict and minute squabbling among their number, though it wasn't until Bizhena began to personally interact with the mortals that anything outrageous occurred. For her perceived sleight, she was dethroned and cast away into a distant realm, locked away and forgotten for eons while her followers were exiled or forced to reform themselves.


Where once was two balls of fire in Khuzdaru's fierce gaze and unearthly presence, Elmaloris and Eodarin now sit. The Pale Mistress, Ituleos, descended from beyond the veil and tempered Khuzdaru's fire with a cool breeze, hardening the molten spheres into firm earth. Offended by this affront to his glory, Khuzdau declared war with the pale woman, and brawled with her upon the still malleable planet of Elmaloris. Their battle, it's said, is how the first mountains were formed, how the deepest crevices were hewn. Bizhena, the mother of all things green, in the midst of this conflict, worked to claim Eodarin as her own. A number of other celestials, sensing fertile ground for establishing themselves, from the father of magic, Obir, to the self-proclaimed madgod, Xomnias. In a collaborative effort rarely beheld in the infinite planes, the celestials, soon to be gods in their own right, molded the lands of both worlds, leaving countless of their marks on each.

A Change of Hats

Xomnias long plotted against the others in the pantheon, and mustered a mighty, secret army of undead; derived from the souls of the perished, and the as of yet unborn. Keeana was the first to learn of this, and called upon allies from beyond to march upon the madgod. The two clashed above the worlds, each cross of blade and stone sending a shower of molten metal and rock careening down. Keeana emerged victorious after a grueling conflict, wrenching the domain of death from the madgod's ruins.


The sects are as varied and numerous as the deities themselves. Ranging from pious crusaders under Khuzdaru, to nearly lascivious pilgrims of Bizhena, and even the esoteric followers of Xomnian doctrine.



The Celestial Firebird


The Pale Mistress


The Mother in Green


The Madgod


The Runesmith


The Secretkeeper


The Beast of Forelli


Queen of the Sea


The Patron of Dragonkind


Dusty scrolls tell of beings older than creation, beings from a time before Khuzdaru and Ituleos molded the twin worlds into what they are today. Most of their names have been lost to time, but, through word of mouth and in clandestine meetings, behind tightly locked doors, it's rumored that these ancient gods and entities are worshipped, their flames kept alive. But only just.
  Most notable among the apocryphal deities is The Lord in Shadows, Malgalloth. Rumors also speak of a mysterious figure worshipped by esoteric cults of scholars, known only as 'Shalans'; they never do clearly specify who they worship, but, presumably it's a creature known as 'Shala'.

Lesser Deities

Under Dhulhamat, there are a number of draconic acolytes, including Tamera, Zateth, a number of powerful Imperial dragons that have since passed into the beyond.
  Child of the deities of the sun and the moon, though the story is unclear on whether or not the child was birthed from the two, or if they merely adopted her, Zyarae has taken on the mantle of the Eclipse.
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