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Herein is a place the document and archive the adventures across the land.

Death's Heart - Tilkaz

Death's Heart

Kariihite Chronicles - Ilzof Tamairii-Zari

Ver Thurum: Explored through the old ruins, ran into an unholy creature among a pile of bones and carvings(one of them was an eye), got cut by the thing, and managed to hit the thing on the head with a chandelier trap while running away. Thing got revenge, though, and left the gillkin barely holding on, but, they came out alive, in the end!

Kelsi's Tail Tale - Kelsi

Heist by Moonlight: A trio silhouetted by fireworks bursting in the sky, casting stark shadows upon the rooftops, as they stand, victorious in their gains, having just eluded the guards of the Lady Lune Grukam's manorhouse. All safe, with only a few singed furs between them. In their satchel, a marble bust and the mysterious, solid gold statuette of a woman.

Finding Good Ideas - Reeja Hestui

Not Sinking Today: After boarding the airship, Isan, with a purchased ticket, shi thwarted a sabotage attempt, and saved the captain's life from the poison-death she was experiencing.

Romping All Around - Deza

Threatened with exile from the Hokenian house of adventurers, a catfolk sorcerer sets out into the Manavik wilds in search of the missing merchant. Finding him being pursued by goblin bandits, she dispatches a few of the goblins before taking flight with the merchant, fleeing from the brigands.

Goldring Diplomacy - Alkyr

After rescuing the daughter of one of the great Houses, Alkyr helped to establish a rapport between a clan of kobolds living in the aqueducts, and the Shimyno Kaer Guhalaudr Nna.  Since then, Alkyr has moved to assisting Syrik with the day-to-day necessities of running a diplomatic organization.

Goldring Wildcard - Fizzit


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