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Special Materials

Herein are some specialized materials of the world of Elmaloris.


Known to some as 'Moonstone', this ivory-gold-colored metal is exceedingly rare across the globe, but seems to crop up around settlements and regions with high concentrations of elvenfolk. The elves of Thren Belanore make abundant use of this material in constructing their arms and armor.


Carefully tended to and harvested by Vaenori elves, this burgundy 'bark' is said to be steel-strong, but only their specially trained smiths can actually make anything useful out of the matter.


Known to some as "Bonawunite", this specially tailored metal is produced by dwarven metallurgy, and is widely used in various dwarven creations. Its color sits somewhere between bronze and brass, and has shown great resistance to weather and wear.

Rasilan Steel

Widely believed to be a refined form of steel, this silvery blue material is mined from the Rasilan steppes, and refined by a long line of catfolk smiths.


Known more commonly as 'Dreadstone', this crystalline substance comes directly from the core of the Manavik Crater. Researching methods for refining the substance took years, and cost the health of many daring magisters, but after a method was adequately devised, Dreadstone saw an upsurge in exportation as a fuel source, as well as a quick method of magic recovery. Some say that there's a risk of addiction, if one uses it to recover magic energy, though. This is, as of yet, unproven.


A mysterious dwarven-discovered element that supposedly radiates energy quite potently. It's presumed that refined versions of these power some dwarven artifices. It's not known what is the most common natural state of this element, but the most commonly form it's seen in is that of cut crystals, shining in hues of purple and cyan, light radiating from somewhere within, usually encased in a shell of Thagurite.