WorldEmber 2022

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Articles Written for Worldember 2022

Forged of the Five Cities
Ethnicity | Dec 31, 2022

(core) The Forged who originate from the Five Cities region.

Forged of Theydim
Ethnicity | Dec 31, 2022

(core) The mechanical species as they have been created by the people of Theydim.

Gods of Theydim
Organization | Dec 27, 2022

(core) The deities worshiped in the region of Theydim. In myths and legend, Saint Antral supposedly restored them as she overthrew the Adrakian Empire's dragon-gods.

Half-Elf or Elven Hybrids
Species | Dec 27, 2022

(core) People with one elven parent and one non-elven parent. Generally Humans, but could include Orcs.

Historical and Present Events of Theydim
Generic article | Dec 27, 2022

(core) Events that have or may involve Theydim.

Oestopti City
Settlement | Dec 29, 2022

(core)One of the Twin Cities, a former capital of the Adrakian Empire, and now one of the capital cities of Capital Arling.

Species | Dec 3, 2022

(core) - The large people of the "wilderness" outside "civilization" and walk with forgotten hints of pride.

Royal House of Theydim
Organization | Dec 27, 2022

(core) The family of and around the High King of Theydim.

The Bard
Character | Dec 27, 2022

(core) The Thydian deity of Healing, History, and Music.

The Bold
Character | Dec 29, 2022

(core) Thydian deity of Ambition, Strategy, and Trade

The Five Cities
Organization | Dec 27, 2022

(core) The collective policies and traditions of the Five Cities and how they as a gathered whole interact with other governments

The Lady
Character | Dec 29, 2022

(core) Thydian Deity of Law, Honor, and the roles of adults in society.

The Negotiator
Character | Dec 29, 2022

(core) The Thydian deity of Justice, reconstruction, and negotiations

Theydim, Unified
Organization | Dec 25, 2022

(core) The government of the unified Arlings - self-governing states - of the Theydim region.

Thydian Houses
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 27, 2022
Thydian Pantheon Realm
Geographic Location | Dec 31, 2022

(core) The place where the people from Theydim generally believe they will go towards when it is time for die. WIP

World Spine Mountains
Geographic Location | Mar 14, 2023

(core) The mountain range along the western coast of Soplas and Supercontinent A.

WorldEmber 2022
Generic article | Dec 1, 2022
WorldEmber 2022 Prep
Generic article | Dec 31, 2022

WorldEmber 2022 is coming, and I will be prepared in advanced once more.

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