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WE 2023 - Earthy Promise

During my first Weltember participation in 2022, I wrote 13,755 words in 20 articles. For 2023 I promise to write 10,000 words and I hope so much to beat my word goal from last year, even if my English articles always lose a bit of "weight" compared to the German version.


WorldEmber-Camp 2023

In this year's SummerCamp, some Anvilties inspired us with special teams.

This idea has now been transformed into a homely atmosphere with a touch of winter and Christmas by the three great master smithers

I'm definitely there and I would like to thank you all.

Coment Caroling Badge by Annie Stein
Placeholder of Catoblepon´s badge
Cozy Cottage Enclave badge by Rin Garnett



Articels about Brictaelgis 12/100

Athril, Prince of Âdocôris
Family tree, royal house of Âdocôris

Landscapes & Countries


Toiáninh ad Midri
Taen Wôtris
Rax Evari

Tirvox ad Coimi

Magic Places
Aslae-Stone circle
Lights forest
Magic mushroom meadows

Flora & Fauna
Blue Thorn stickleback

Brict. Oak
Funnel moss

Emerald monkey
Forest elk
Moss chicken
Grass rabbit
Red fethered
Brict. wild boar
Silver deer
Bumblebee bug
Feather hedgehog
Blue scaled

Ethnicities & Cultures
Frost goblin
Forest goblin
Night goblin
Meadow goblin
Stone goblin
Mountain giant
Sea giant
Tree giant
River troll
Moss troll
Grotto troll

Festivals & Holidays
Moon festival
Day of earth
Blossom festival
Sunbeam dance festival
Day of happiness
Leaf changing festival
Day of Ethri
Night of light
Days of honor (Birth, Marriage, Death)
Brictaelgican Cuisine
Black tears
Green met
All sorts of meadows
Dumpling cake
Moss soup
filled Egerlings
Rose hip relish
Caramelized nettle seeds
Green cone broth

Spore Pustules


Deities & Religions
Moon Tâmid
Earth Êlgista
Rain Trállox
Fertility Brictissa
Sun Mîrta
Wind Lânis
Death Êthri
Creation of Kobolds
Family Tree of Deities

Elements & Magic
Natural phenomen
Stone and hill hike
Pulsar auroras

Governments & Organizations
Coat of arms
Important noble houses
Order of the Druids

Research & Technology
Mushroom Harvester Runes

Business & Economy
Green salt
Brict. Systemes

Homework 1st week - Focus

Last year I just wrote at random - without a plan. Only as I was writing did one article dictate the need for another, and so I ended up writing articles for all of Elaqitan. Sure, with so many different continents there were varied ideas, but it was also...
"... across the vegetable garden"
In 2023 I will focus on the earth element continent "Brictaelgis". As an earth sign, I feel most connected to this element and hope it makes writing easier for me.

If you want to know what to expect, use my article about Brictaelgis as a little introduction.
If you're now saying: "She's crazy about wanting to write 100 articles!", I think you're right. This is pure utopia. So I'm going to choose about 20 items from the list I'm preparing. If there is an article that particularly interests you, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will try to make it happen during WorldEmber.


Homework 2nd week - Mini-Meta

Fairytale Forest
by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney

The geography of Brictaelgis is inspired by the forests and meadows of the northern hemisphere. Along with giants and trolls, goblins are the main humanoid species of the Earth Element continent. They speak Draelgit which is based on Celtic languages such as Gaelic and Welsh. The ethnic groups are shaped by Celtic and Germanic influences as well as the life of the Native Americans.
  In Ireland and Germanic mythology, goblins tend to belong to the lower classes. In addition, they have a predominantly bad reputation in the terrestrial world or have mutated into reptiles1 in role-playing games.

It's time to break the cliché of the teasing, greedy goblin and give them a new identity.
  The basic idea is a deep connection to Mother Earth - their element. Visions, spirituality, totems are just as much a part of it as a life in harmony with nature. Magic and reality are linked by a veil that is lifted in goblin sacred places. They knew how to use this secret and rose to become the most important species in Brictaelgis.

  1The German word for goblin is Kobold, which in DnD was used for a reptile humanoid species. Pretty confusing for me as a German.
Deep connection to the goddess of the earth by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney


Worlds on WorldAnvil



Like most of you, I collect a lot of ideas on Pinterest. For this year's WorldEmber, I'm taking inspiration from these Pinboards:





Homework 3rd Week - Elevator Pitch

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the color GREEN. What do you see in your mind's eye and what do you feel?

Nature, lush landscapes,
meadows, forests, fertile earth,
hope, calm, serenity?

This green, positive and bright mood hits the continent of the earth element:
  • a world of spiritual magic in meadows and forests,
  • to greenish mythical creatures that were born from the womb of Mother Earth
  • and on cultures that consciously shape and perceive their environment.
  • Goblins have greater access to earth magic compared to trolls or giants. But even among them, not everyone can benefit from earth magic to the same extent, which led to the rise of the meadow goblins. Can Athril, Prince of Adocoris, obtain this power?

      Follow the druids as they search for magic mushrooms and discover the power of earth magic. Visit the various goblin races in treehouses or twisting cave systems. Wander through magical forests and you might catch a glimpse of one of nature's deities, which could have taken the form of a stone, blade of grass, tree or living creature of Brictaelgis.

    Homework 4th week -
    Final preparations

    Drawings, maps, coats of arms, bullet points and, and, and...

    On the one hand, I'm looking forward to the "starting signal" to finally get started. On the other hand, I'm still far from finished gathering everything I need, which is stressing me out a bit.

      So why am I still sitting here working on my homework? The pen on the tablet is charged again and off you go. See you! I wish everyone a great WorldEmber and lots of success!

    Cover image: Worldember in Brictaelgis by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage


    Please Login in order to comment!
    Nov 3, 2023 20:31

    "100 articles?!? She must be crazy!" Jokes aside, I believe in you Blue! you got this :) I would love to learn more about Athril and the royal line he came from, though I would also really want to know how all the deities are related to one another <3

    Yours truly, Nino.
    Its Worldember!I am building out a spooky world, which you can read about here! (psst, its a link)
    To learn about my main world click on this link! (if you want to ;) )
    Nov 3, 2023 20:38

    Thanks for your nice comment and you are lucky with your selection, these items are definitely on the shortlist.

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 3, 2023 22:06 by Secere Laetes

    Huh, viel Erfolg. Ich weiß nicht, ob 100 Artikel gelingen würden, aber 10k Wörter bei deiner Geschwindigkeit locker. Und Interessantes ist auch dabei. Ich würde mich jedenfalls über ein paar Gerichte freuen.

    Nov 4, 2023 18:47

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für den lieben Kommentar. 100 Artikel werde ich wohl nicht schaffen, aber man braucht ja ein Ziel vor den Augen. Es wird auf jeden Fall einen Artikel mit etwas Leckerem geben, zumindest wenn man Kobolde fragt. ;-)

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 3, 2023 22:24 by Annie Stein

    It'll be so fun to revisit this article in January and see which articles have been checked off. Do you have any articles you're especially keen to write?

    Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
    Nov 4, 2023 20:28

    Thank you for your lovely comment. The main focus will be on developing articles about the main race and ethnicity of the Kobolds and their ways of life. I hope to address as many different aspects as possible. I'm also very excited to see which items will end up with a green checkmark.

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 4, 2023 12:40

    "Crazy Fairy, doing the absolute madness of 100 articles, what is she even thinking?!" - A Traveler. Probably.

    Earthen areas, a new continent, cuisine, people... HYPE!

    You wanna see what we did for the last events? Go, click here: Eddies Major Events
    Nov 4, 2023 20:36

    100 articles to do but I don't end up in burnout, so I´ll give my very best to write a colorful potpourrie of the Kobold's ethnia and their environment. I hope that at the end there was something for everyone to remember fondly. Thank you so much ;-)

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 5, 2023 13:37 by Elspeth

    Wow! What a great target to aim for. Good luck!

    Nov 5, 2023 17:21

    Thank you and I wish you the same.

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 24, 2023 20:22

    100 articles surely is a ambitious goal, but I'm certain you'll ace this WorldEmber with such a solid plan. Best of luck and have loads of fun this upcoming month! Cannot wait to see all those checkboxes getting ticked off as time passes. ^^

    What do you want to discover in Computer Adventures?
    Nov 26, 2023 19:58

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I hope we can count a lot of green ticks in the end. If not, the trip will continue next year. ;-).

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
    Nov 27, 2023 19:11 by Ononomad

    Thank you for joining the goblin fan club… they have been unfairly tarnished for too long! I can’t wait to see what your Worldember efforts bring. Good luck!

    Nov 30, 2023 18:55

    Thank you very much - I hope I can meet expectations. I also wish you a great WorldEmber and much success.

    Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.