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Êlgista - Goddess of Earth

"Êlgista, holy mother of the green earth and creator of all life, from you we will arise and after our death we will return to you. Hear our request and grant us the grace of your rich nature. We praise the cycle of life that you maintain with your power. Hail, green mistress."

Vinduk, the Old One - venerable Druid 11th century BEC -

Êlgista is the chief goddess of the goblins of Brictaelgis and most of the sanctuaries are dedicated to her. She is the goddess of growing nature, life and earth magic. She was awakened from the depths of the earth by Nystix and is considered the creator of goblins, trolls and giants. Her name comes from the Brictaelgican word Êlgîrti, which means earth or soil.

From her union with Trállox, god of rain, she is mother of the gods of the moon and wind, as well as the goddesses of the sun and fertility. During a dream she also received the deity of death.
by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney
by Blue Fairy 74



Alternative names: Holy Mother, Magical Mother, Great Mother, Green Lady, Creator of all life
Colors: Shades of green and brown
Attributes: Gnarled staff, Crown of vines
Crystals: Drûxas, Emerald
Tree: Brictaelgian Oak
Animals: Forest elk, Howling owl
Plants: ivy, forest moss, wood anemone, wild strawberries
Offerings leaf wreaths, green mead, honey, tree resins, meadow herbs
Calendar: Month Êlgirdi, Day Êlgis
Holidays: 2. Êlgirdi - Day of Earth

Physical & Mental Characteristics

Êlgista's shimmering green body is surrounded by roots, tendrils, flowers and leaves. In her hand she holds a long, gnarled, barkless stick with crystalline emerald green leaves at the top. As soon as the rod touches the earth, roots sprout either deep or upward. She wears a crown of tendrils on her head. The tendrils are flexible, grow in all directions and can be dangerous to some who get too close to Elgista.


Meaning of their attributes & totems

Êlgista's animal companions are Forest elk and Howling owl. The Forest elk symbolizes growth among the Âdocôdix and can also be found in the crown of the Insignia of Âdocôris The Howling owl is usually the nighttime companion and symbolizes clarity.

Her tree is the Brictaelgian Oak, which represents the circle of life and is also part of the crown of the King of Âdocôris. Additionally, the Âdocôdix believe that where ivy, mosses, wood anemones and wild strawberries grow, Êlgista walked and touched the ground. These plants symbolize resilience and rebirth for the Brictalgica.


Honoring the Goddess

In the Brictaelgian calendar, the 3rd month of Êlgirdi and the 2nd day of the week is dedicated to Êlgis. On the 2nd of Elgirdi, Earth Day is celebrated, which has had an important meaning since the first goblins, the Âtogôtaigs of Prigg-Thâgi. Since their victory over the Gwâpragg, it has been sacred law that no acts of war take place during this month, lest they provoke the wrath of the green mistress.

On Earth Day, the Adocodix often dress up in costumes made from all kinds of natural materials. There are singing games and huge fires to finally drive away winter and welcome the Earth Mother. When the 2nd of Elgirdi falls on Elgis every seven years, these festivals are celebrated even more widely. There are pilgrimages to the goddess shrines at Aslae and Ôthis. There, long processions pay homage to the Earth Mother and the Druids pray with offerings for protection and evergreen life for the next seven years.

Her most important and largest sanctuaries are the stone circles of Aslae and the springs of Ôthis. Near many towns and villages there are small stone circles or sacred groves of brictalegican oaks used as sacrificial sites to the goddess.

Wreaths made of leaves, honey, green mead, meadow herbs and various tree resins from conifers are sacrificed. For the sacrifice, the wreath of leaves is placed on a block of stone. The druids put dry grass in the middle, which they light together with the tree resin. On top of this they add the small offerings so that their souls, which are dissolving in the smoke, can reconnect with the mother of earth.
Stonecircle of Aslae by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney


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