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The brictaelgican Pantheon

Originally Nystix, one of the primordial gods of the universe, created the evergreen globe of the element earth and enveloped it with the magic of nature, noble treasures and various earths.

After the collision with the worlds of the other elements, the emergence of Elaqitan and continents and the emergence of life, the primordial gods walked on their continents for a while before combining their powers with the World Tree.
The originally planet of the earth element
by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney
Nystix entered the meadows and forests of Brictaelgis and stroked his hand over the lush grass and the wrinkled bark of the trees, so that the earth rose and the sleeping earth goddess Êlgista awakened.

Then with his fingers he sucked water from the depths of the continent and spread it across the sky until clouds appeared and from them the god of rain Trállox was born.
From their union emerged the gods of the moon Tâmid and the sun Mîrta as well as the fertility Brictissa and the wind Lânis. These gods in turn gave birth to a wide variety of lesser deities.

One day the earth goddess Êlgista fell into a deep sleep and had a horrible dream. The earth shook and when she awoke, sitting between her womb was another god – Êthri, the hermaphrodite deity of death.

These seven gods form the pantheon of the Brictaelgica.
The home of the gods lies behind the veils of divinity that the goblins suspect in the pulsating northern lights, in the waterfalls of the mountains, in the darkest forests and deepest canyons of the continent.

In addition, in many places that are sacred to the Âdocôdix, one feels the presence of earthly-elemental auras. According to the Druids, the veils in these places are thinner than on the rest of the continent, making it easier for the gods to pass through and unite with stones, plants or living creatures.

Worship of the gods
by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney

The family tree of the gods

All Âdocôdix believe that the fleshly shells of the Brictaelgican gods resemble their faces with greenish skin and pointed ears. However, they have the power to slip into things, living beings and landscapes and release their aura and magic into the surroundings.

Êlgista - Goddess of Earth is the supreme goddess of the Adocodix and the personified earth. She is the goddess of the forest, animals, plants and earth magic. She is associated with Trállox, the god of rain, rivers, seas and all bodies of water.

The god of the moon, wisdom, arts and healing Tâmid is married to his sister, the sun goddess Mîrta. Mîrta is also the goddess of fire, beauty and love. Their children are the lesser gods of the stars and those of the dusk and dawn.   Lânis, the god of wind, storms and thunderstorms, is married to Bricitssa, the goddess of fertility and seeds. The lesser gods of family, marriage, harvest and joy are their children.

Additionally, Mîrta and Lânis are parents of the goddesses of ecstasy and the rainbow as well as the god of fate.

The illegitimate child of Êlgista - Êthri, is the deity of death, the underworld and war. Their children are the triplets of dreams, sleep and illness.
The brictaelgican Pantheon by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourneycollage

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The German version of this article will published in January.

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Dec 2, 2023 19:17

Deity of Death being born after a nightmare is a lovely idea. I like how ethereal the gods' births are in general.

Dec 2, 2023 19:37

Oh thank you so much.

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Dec 2, 2023 22:18

Such an exhaustive list and... I can't even. I mean, the relationship web between the gods and the small lines and the descriptions are just like a painting of old, a journal, dusty and forgotten and still vibrant of life and description. Really well done.

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Dec 3, 2023 06:41

Awww thanks for the lovely comment. My idea behind it was a kind of family photo wall.

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Dec 3, 2023 16:50 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ahhh, I love a complicated godly family tree. I particularly like that the god of death was born after a bad dream.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 3, 2023 17:42

Thanks for your nice comment and yes, every family has to have at least one black sheep ;-).

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Dec 4, 2023 09:43

Ich liebe einen guten Pantheon.
Schön ist vorallem das die Götter den gläubigen (Goblins) ähneln - was zwar logisch aber häufig nicht beachtet wird)
Eine Frage stellt sich mir jedoch:
Wird der primordale Gott Nystix ebenfalls von den Âdocôdix als ein Schöpfergott angebetet oder erscheint er nur kurz in der Schöpfungsgeschichte und danach nie wieder, weshalb er dann nicht zum eigentlichen Pantheon von Brictaelgica gezählt wird?

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Dec 4, 2023 16:58

Herzlichsten Dank, dass Dir das mit dem Aussehen aufgefallen ist ;-) und Dir mein Pantheon gefällt.   Nystix ist nur der Schöpfer der ursprünglichen Welt des Erdelements und nach der Entstehung von Brictaelgis der "Vater" von Êlgista und Trállox. Er selbst wird erst später durch die Überlieferungen der Visionen von Eqilateus von Vindurien zum Ur- und Schöpfergott, der sich (wie die anderen drei Urgötter) mit dem Weltenbaum verbindet. Die Âdocôdix sehen ihn zwar als Schöpfer ihres Kontinents aber nicht als Schöpfer ihrer Spezies, weshalb er keine Rolle im Pantheon einnimmt.

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Dec 5, 2023 07:40

Ah cool, danke für die Aufklärung!
Macht sinn wenn er mit dem Weltenbaum verbunden ist, er nicht mehr so präsent ist als "eigenes" Wesen.

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Jan 6, 2024 15:49

I love this! It reminds me of a lot of stories told in norse mythology where outrageous things happen out of the smallest actions, showcasing the powers the gods have! picking up water and sprinkling it to create the god of rain feels like that time thor drank from a giants horn and lowered midgards water levels by several meters :D

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Jan 6, 2024 17:20

Thank you so so much and I have to agree. The mythologies and gods of ancient cultures of our world are so inspiring when creating your own gods.

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Jan 26, 2024 17:15 by Secere Laetes

Ein schöner Artikel. Als jemand mit Faible für Götter(geflechte) finde ich den Artikel echt gut gelungen. Toll wäre noch die Ergänzung gewesen, dass Nystix eigentlich nicht Teil des Pantheons ist - in gewisser Weise - aber natürlich ist es so auch schön übersichtlich(und so erfrischend kurz im Vergleich zu vielen meiner Artikel). Nett finde ich, dass dieser Pantheon so wenige "negative Aspekte" hat. Aber nun, die Art ist ja eh ziemlich anders als gewöhnliche Goblins in anderen Welten ^^.

Jan 26, 2024 18:25

Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass Dir der Artikel gefällt und für das Feedback. Ich werde Nystix fehlende Rolle im Pantheon noch im Artikel ergänzen.

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Jan 27, 2024 03:15 by Solomon Weatherby

I'm a sucker for mythology and reading about the creation of gods is always fun. The way the gods just kept creating eachother from the smallest actions was great makes me wonder how many more will slowly fill up the family tree great job!

Jan 28, 2024 08:50

Thank you so much :).

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