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Summer Camp Pledge 2023

Work in progress!
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  For SummerCamp 2023 I want to expand some exisiting regions: the east of the human Farenian Empire and the West of the dwarvish Magramine. My challenge goal: at least Bronze (8 prompts), maybe Silver... I want to expand several articles that already exist, those do not count towards the goal.




Which are the powerful organizations within your world setting? Who are the powerful individuals? What kinds of power do they wield and what are their weaknesses and needs? Write a paragraph or two about power in your world setting in your pledge document.
Power struggles grip the vast expanse of Alana, as various factions vie for supremacy and dominance. Across the Western Continent of Boresia, a relentless competition unfolds among the Dwarven Technocracy of Magramine, the Elven Kingdom of Lymyra, and the Human forces of the Farenian Empire, each determined to secure their position atop the intricate web of influence. Meanwhile, in the mystical realm of Mag Mell, the insidious Spider Queen weaves her web of corruption, seeking to ensnare the very essence of its Fae inhabitants. Yet, beyond these realms, the relentless pursuit of power and control ripples through every corner of Alana, as factions of diverse origins clash and conspire, driven by their insatiable thirst for supremacy. In this tumultuous realm, where ambition knows no bounds, the struggle for power is an ever-present force, its echoes resonating in every realm and every heart.


Where are the frontiers in your worldsetting? And why would anyone want to go there?! What about metaphorical frontiers, like the “frontier of medicine” or space, the “final frontier”? Write a paragraph or two about frontiers in your setting in your pledge document, considering these questions and the advice in the blog post.
Not only are there frontiers between the various kingdoms in Alana, but there are also boundaries between the "real world" and other mysterious realms, such as Mag Mell, the realm of the fae. Even within these otherworldly locations, a war is being fought between various factions.


What aspects of the past are revered today in your world setting? Which peoples are remembered? And which are forgotten, and why? Write a paragraph or two about relics and history in your world in your pledge document.
The world of Alana brims with ancient relics, remnants from a bygone era that predates the cataclysmic Titan Wars. These artifacts, once lost to time, are being unearthed by intrepid explorers. Some have stood the test of time, their mechanisms still functioning seamlessly. Others lie broken and damaged, whispering stories of a forgotten past. A handful of enigmatic relics defy comprehension, their true purpose shrouded in mystery. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, one can always rely on the tireless ingenuity of the gnomish tinkerers, who tirelessly delve into the depths of these artifacts, determined to unlock their secrets and unveil their true potential. With their unwavering spirit of discovery, the gnomes of Alana hold the key to unraveling the enigma of these ancient relics, breathing new life into the forgotten wonders of a bygone age.


How do people and organizations from different backgrounds or cultures communicate with each other? How does communication happen over short and long distances? Who in your setting communicates secretly or carefully, and how? Write a paragraph or two about these questions in your pledge document and use it as a starting point during July!
In the magical fantasy world, communication takes on a unique blend of enchantment and innovation. While traditional methods like messengers and letters still exist, they are complemented by extraordinary devices that harness the power of magic and machinery. Crystal-infused communication stones allow individuals to speak across great distances, their voices carried through ethereal conduits. Whether it's the enchanting resonance of spoken spells or the whirring gears of a magical telegraph, communication in Alana is a captivating fusion of mystical energies and mechanical ingenuity.

To Do List

Mag Mell by Tillerz using MidJourney

Mag Mell - Realm of the Fae

  • Fae - species
  • Pseudo Dragons - species
  • Granny Poxnose - character
  • The Origin - building
  • Winter Court (led by Oberon)
  • prominent members
  • location
  • Summer Court (led by Titania)
  • Queen of the Fae - title
  • prominent members
  • secrets
  • plot hooks
  • location
  • Shadow Court (led by the Spider Queen)
  • prominent members
  • Spider Queen
  • location
  • Midsummer Night People
  • prominent members
  • faction
  • location
  • prominent members
  • The Wild Hunt (led by Creiddylad)
  • prominent members
  • Creiddylad
  • locations
  • plot hooks for everything
    Summer Camp by Tillerz using MidJourney

    Farenian Empire

  • Bridgeport
  • Paulina's Protection Parlour
  • Paulina
  • the duck community of Paddlewick
  • Quack Stone
  • Quacktastic Art Festival
  • locations in and around it
  • factions
  • NPCs
  • plot hooks for everything
  • the pirate city of Kamonson
  • locations around it
  • factions
  • more NPCs besides the two pirate captains
  • plot hooks for everything
  • Magramine

  • the flying dwarven city of Skulk
  • locations around it
  • factions: the different cartels, the royal family, the Titanforged
  • NPCs: cartel leaders, the king, the leader of the rebellion
  • plot hooks for everything

  • work in progress done

    Finished Articles

    A Big One
    Tradition / Ritual | Sep 3, 2023

    You owe me a big one.

    Carrot Run Cart - CRC
    Vehicle | Sep 10, 2023

    Run, wibbit, run!

    Dream City of Oon
    Settlement | Sep 3, 2023

    City of Oon, only existing in people's dreams.

    Profession | Jul 30, 2023

    In a dreamworld, far, far way.

    Dreamwalker Council
    Organization | Sep 3, 2023

    They keep a powerful secret.

    Enchanting Curves & Co
    Building / Landmark | Sep 10, 2023

    Enchantingly crafted and refined attire.

    Species | Sep 3, 2023

    Mystical creatures of Mag Mell.

    Hall of Soldi
    Building / Landmark | Aug 18, 2023

    Where whispers of the past meet the echoes of the future.

    Hare-Mail Delivery Company
    Organization | Sep 3, 2023

    A leap of trust.

    Character | Sep 13, 2023

    Meow-sical Mischief

    Character | Sep 3, 2023

    The first Dreamwalker.

    Character | Sep 13, 2023

    Tricks and grace, hearts race.

    Character | Jul 7, 2023

    King of the Fae.

    Settlement | Sep 14, 2023

    Where ducks, art, and laughter harmoniously unite.

    Quack Stone
    Item | Sep 3, 2023

    The holy symbol of QUACKS.

    Quacktastic Art Festival
    Tradition / Ritual | Sep 3, 2023

    Fifty shades of duck.

    Queen of the Fae
    Rank/Title | Sep 12, 2023

    In the realm of enchantment, she holds the key.

    Character | Sep 12, 2023

    Step right up! Guaranteed satisfaction or your confusion back!

    Summer Camp Pledge 2023
    Generic article | Sep 3, 2023

    My todo list for SummerCamp 2023

    Summer Court
    Organization | Jul 30, 2023

    A symphony of laughter and sunlight.

    The Origin
    Building / Landmark | Sep 3, 2023

    The power house of the Fae Realm.

    Character | Sep 3, 2023

    Queen of the Fae.

    When wishes come true.
    Myth | Aug 28, 2023

    When wishes come true.

    Wild Hunt
    Organization | Sep 3, 2023

    Protectors of the realm, defenders of balance.

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    6 Jun, 2023 18:22

    Best of luck and hope you have a great Summer Camp!

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    7 Jun, 2023 20:30

    Thank you! Same to you. :)

    8 Jun, 2023 16:10

    Yay for Summer Camp! I look forward to seeing more of your world!

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    Wooo copper! That's a nice and relaxing goal to work towards :D are you hoping for any particular prompt templates or themes this year?

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    10 Jun, 2023 06:36

    Oh, just something interesting. "rites for growing up" etc get my stuck with no ideas except another prompt in combination with that one makes something pop in my mind. I am hoping for a lot of mind popping. X-D

    10 Jun, 2023 11:37

    Copper sounds like a very nice and chill goal. So good luck and "To Copper and Beyond!" :D

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    Good Luck to reach your goals!
    I'm looking forward to your new stuff ^^   btw you copy pasted the first two "Power" sentences into your "Frontier" paragraph

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    Whoops. :D

    25 Jun, 2023 06:46

    A flying dwarven city you say, I am intrigued. Is it powered by ducks? Does it have ducks? Does the city hang above a fixed point, or is it a migratory city? So much to explore, I know you wont disappoint because you always make such wonderful and entertaining things for us to voraciously consume.   Have a fun, relaxing SummerCamp.

    31 Jul, 2023 04:52

    I like how you listed out the different articles and checked them off. I find I do much better when I have a list for the different ideas I'm working on.

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    31 Jul, 2023 05:51

    It turned out that many of the prompts led into a completely different direction, so I could only do a few of those on my list. But now I have a list for stuff I can do until WorldEmber. :)

    2 Aug, 2023 05:57

    Nice! It is always fun having a solid todo list!!!

    Deleyna - I survived Summer Camp 2023! Check out my 2023 Summer Camp Reading Challenge and read some of my favorite articles from around the community. Or check out what happened with my Dimi Mission!
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