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When wishes come true.

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Alana, home to magic and fantastical species, a plaything of the godlike Titans. For centuries, they reigned unbridled, and woe be to those that crossed their fancy. No hero nor being could challenge them, until a group of entities that called themselves the Old Gods of Alana rose from the shadows to strike the Titans down for their tyranny, in an Era called the Titan Wars. Though these gods could not match them in open battle, they bested them with subterfuge, trapping the Titans in a different realm. With the runestones removed from the gateway, it would stay shut forever, an infallible protection of Alana's freedom.   That is, if these runestones could not be found.
In the annals of ancient history, the world of Alana bore witness to a transformative event - an unprecedented manifestation that altered the very fabric of reality. The people, disenchanted with the ruling pantheon of gods (the "Titans"), yearned for change so fervently that their collective wish transcended the boundaries of dreams and imagination. The Old Gods emerged into existence, embodiments of the people's longing for a new order.   These Old Gods, fueled by the potent energy of human beliefs, challenged the dominion of the Titans, who had, in ages past, been dreamwalkers of unimaginable power. These people, once the pioneers of dreamwalking, succumbed to the allure of immortality and authority. Misusing their gifts, they extended their reign over Alana with an iron grip.   As the Old Gods clashed with the Titans in a cataclysmic confrontation, the world trembled under the weight of their struggle. The battle raged across the realm, with each blow threatening to reshape existence as they knew it. In their desperation to protect their dominion, the ancient gods fled to the elusive Dream City of Oon.
But the Old Gods forged a portal that bridged the realms of dreams and reality, connecting the mortal world to the ethereal Dream City of Oon. With their entry into Oon, the Old Gods confronted the Titans in an epic battle that echoed through the fabric of existence. The celestial battleground witnessed a battle of unimaginable proportions as the Titans clashed with the once-mighty Dreamwalkers.   In a climactic triumph, the Old Gods emerged victorious, sealing the fate of the Titans. As a final measure to end the Titan dominion forever, they harnessed the essence of the portal itself, fashioning five mystical runestones that would forever seal the gateway between realms. These keys represented the embodiment of their conquest and were imbued with the very essence of dreams. Each key was concealed in a location of great significance, hidden from the eyes of mortals and fae alike.
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The gods revered by mortals as the "Old Gods" are, in reality, newly created beings by the collective wish of the people. This enigmatic revelation remains hidden from the eyes of the world, known only to the Dreamwalker Council. The Old Gods though have settled upon Alana as mortal beings, the embers of their divine heritage hidden deep within their souls. Having shed their former identities and remembrances, they walk amongst the inhabitants of the world, discreetly blending into the tapestry of mortal life.   Some among them still take an active role, delicately guiding the lives of the inhabitants through subtle nudges, ephemeral suggestions, and evocative dreams. With an ethereal touch, they sow seeds of inspiration and intuition, inspiring acts of kindness, courage, and compassion. Though veiled in anonymity, their presence resonates in the coincidences and serendipitous moments that shape the destinies of the people they touch.
Others among them prefer a more detached existence, content to wander through the bustling cities and verdant wilds, observing the realm they once sought to free. They immerse themselves in the diverse ecosystems of Alana, witnessing the unfolding of nature's symphony as flowers bloom, rivers course, and creatures dance in the rhythm of life.   Though the Old Gods have relinquished their past, they remain connected to the realm of dreams. As they slumber, their visions traverse the ethereal landscapes, brushing against the minds of dreamers, leaving fragments of their enigmatic wisdom and fleeting whispers of forgotten memories. These dreams become threads of collective consciousness, intertwining with the hearts and minds of the people, while the Dreamwalker Council is closely watching.
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Very cool! Gotta love a "gods among men" theme!

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Interesting take on the origin of a world's Gods. I also like that they became mortal and walked the earth, but I wonder since they are mortal are they dying? I wonder if the Gods then still walk amongst the people or have/are they slowly dying off? What is the time perspective of it all?

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I like the way you've used the peoples wishes to create these powerful beings.

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The USA did actually spend research money on that very topic decades ago. :D

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