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Dreamwalker Council

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The Dreamwalker Council, a revered assembly of the most seasoned twelve Dreamwalkers, holds an esteemed position within the enigmatic realm of dreamwalking. Their authority is unparalleled, and they wield their knowledge and powers with great responsibility. As guardians of the Dream City of Oon, the council's primary obligation is to manage access to its most profound secrets. These secrets, veiled within the ethereal walls of Oon, hold immense power and must be safeguarded from those who may abuse or misuse them.   A unique and sacred aspect of the council's duty is the election of new members. When a council member passes away, the remaining members convene and carefully select a worthy successor to join their ranks. The process is shrouded in mystery, and the identity of the candidates is a closely guarded secret.   The council's vigilant approach ensures that common dreamwalkers are prevented from delving too deeply into dreams of great importance. Access to the dreams of influential individuals is carefully restricted, protecting the delicate balance between the dream realm and the waking world.   Yet, the council holds one enigmatic truth that they fiercely protect from any revelation. This ultimate secret is that the collective dreams and desires of the masses possess the potential to shape reality itself. The sheer strength of people's beliefs can give rise to manifestations in the physical world, bringing mythical beings and entities to life if enough minds align in fervent belief.   To ensure the world remains in harmony, the council hides this knowledge from all, for the consequences of widespread awareness could be both miraculous and catastrophic. Only through their careful stewardship can the delicate tapestry of dreams, faith, and reality be maintained.   See when wishes come true..


The identities of the esteemed members of the Dreamwalker Council remain veiled in secrecy, concealed like elusive wisps in the ethereal realms. Among the Dreamwalker community, whispers abound, and speculation dances like the flickering flames of a distant campfire, but no one can definitively claim to know the faces behind the Council's decisions.
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