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Jeffery woke up with a scream, his whole body was covered in sweat. The full moon shone her light through the windows.

"Unicorn Crap. Jeffery will you never do that again. I almost crapped my pants." Eviar's voice was thick with sleep. "Wait a second." Jeffery saw him jump off the bed, for a very short moment Jeffery didn't know what was going on. But then he also jumped off his bed.

"Nora." Both of them said on the same time, they almost fall over each other when the stormed out of their room. They run through the hallways of the mansion, turned corners without thinking about it. They stopped when somebody bumped into them, Jeffery wanted to snap to the person that they need to watch it. But to his surprise they had bumped into Nora. "Nora." Both of them said. She gave them a smile, tears welled up in her eyes. Eviar walked over to her, and he took her in his arms.

"It is alright, we are safe." He said, and Nora buried her face in his shoulder. Her silent tears broke Jeffery's heart, his vision started to blur too. Tears started to roll over his cheek as well, he didn't even try to hide them or whip them away. He even saw that Eviar buried his face into Nora's hair.

"Ah you are finally awake." The voice of Master Goodwing reached their ears. But they didn't break, or look up. "Are you three alright?" Master Goodwing asked. All three of them started to nod, Nora stepped back from Eviar. While whipping away her tears. 

"I think we are just glad that everyone is safe." Nora sniffed. Master Goodwing nodded and sighed. Jeffery whipped the tears off his face. Eviar took Nora in his arms again.

"Master did Cesal tell you why his army attacked use?" Eviar asked, Nora looked at him. 

"No, he didn't." Master Goodwing said. Jeffery sighed and lounged against the wall.

"All I know is that he was not happy that they did. He lost few of his man and he might be afraid that if put comes to shove that we are going to join Spegikho's forces." Jeffery said. "We showed how strong we are, and we are not even fully trained yet." Master Goodwing nodded.

"I think so too. But I am glad that all three of you are safe. I can't describe what I felt when I saw the first fireball." Master Goodwing said. "And I am proud of the way you hold yourself. Cesal told me about the wall of fire and that Nora fought a giant." 

"Which had cost me a lot of energy." She said, lowering her head.

"Yes it cost you your energy, but you only used earth to shield your arms. And you blocked his every move." Eviar said, his eyes had shimmer when he spoke about her going one on one with the giant. Jeffery nodded in agreement. 

"And you spend your last piece of energy to create that wall of fire." Jeffery said. "And you stopped how many waves of arrows?" He asked. "Three, four?" 

"Three." Nora replied. "And that wall of fire was nothing."

"Nothing, it cost Eviar all his energy to keep it up." Jeffery said. "It saved use, it gave Cesal enough time to come to our aid." 

"If he paid more attention to his army, you three would have a normal day of training." Master Goodwing said. 

"And if you want to continue speaking, may I ask you to do it somewhere else. Some of use are trying to sleep." Casandera stepped out of her room. She looked at each of them. "Oh, the once who thought they could fight a whole army."

"They attacked use Casandera." Jeffery said. She turned to him with a scowl on her face.

"Do not speak to me, creep." Casandera snapped at him. "Now that I know that it is you three, I just wished that those soldiers did a better job." She said and slammed her door shut.

"At least we know where we stand." Eviar said, and the three of them nodded. 

"Alright, you three go back to bed. We will talk about it more in the morning." Master Goodwing said. He walked away, but they didn't move a muscle. They stared at each other and then sighed. 

"I do not know about you guys. But I do not want to be alone tonight." Nora said. Jeffery and Eviar nodded.

"You can stay in our room. You can take my bed, I will take the floor." Eviar said. Nora smiled at him, and she visibly relaxed a bit. She opened her mouth, probably to thank him, but Eviar shook his head. "You do not need to thank me, we all have being through hell. Not knowing if we would survive it."

"I will grab some stuff." She said, Jeffery stepped forward. 

"I am going with you." He said. 


Nora started to grab her pillow, some bathroom items and clothes for the next morning.

"Nora." Jeffery said, Nora stopped putting stuff into a plastic bag. "There is something you should know." Nora smiled at him.

"If it is about the cloths, I know that Master Goodwing didn't pay for it." She said with a smile. "I caught you arguing by the counter of one of the stores. Thank you for spoiling me." Jeffery gave her a thin smile. 

"That is good to know, but that was not what I was going to say." Jeffery said and he took a beep breath. "I wanted to thank you for saving use over and over again. You may think that you did nothing, but that wall of fire kept use safe." Nora lowered her gaze. 

"But I passed out." She said under her breath, so soft that he needed to do his best to hear her.

"Yes you did. But so did Eviar, and after we got back, so did I. We are not used to use that much magic. Something that we are going to practice when we wake up." Jeffery said. "If Eviar those not bring it up, then I will. Because we are now part of this war." 

"You are right about that, being part of this war I mean. I am not so sure if I am the one who saved you." Nora said, and she sat down on her bed. "I have created the wall of fire before I passed out. But Eviar kept it up. Until Cesal came to save use." 

"From his own army." Jeffery said. 

"Yes from his own army. Maybe we should have run away, after we had blocked the first wave of arrows. We could have regrouped here, with a lot more wizards." Nora said.

"That is a what if, we can not change what has happened. I only think that if we had done that, that younger wizards would have being caught in the crossfire. This is not a Coven compound, this is a school." Jeffery said. Nora nodded.

"Maybe you are right about that." Nora said, she stood back up again. "But it those not help the fact that I feel weak." 

"You weak? You are the strongest wizard here." Jeffery said. "Even Master Goodwing would have being in trouble after creating that fire wall. And you also blocked a lot of arrows." 

"Eviar also blocked a wave of arrows, with a wall of ice. With a combination of water and air magic." Nora snapped at him.

"Eviar is used to fighting with his magic. He is a hunter, and fighting with Necromancers is not an easy task." Jeffery said and quickly covered his mouth. "I am sorry, but that is his job." 

"I know that, and it those not matter." She said, wrapping her hand around the amber neckless. 

"That is a pretty neckless." He said, chancing the subject to something lighter. At least he hoped.

"Thank you, my father has given it to me." Nora said, her eyes didn't shimmer. "He gave it to me on the day he died." 

"Unicorn Crap." Jeffery cursed. 

"I do not mind, he and I were both in the car. When the one of the tires exploded. The car slammed off the road, by some sort of mirical I survived. My father did not. I crawled out of the car and made it back to my house. It took me 49 hours." Nora bit on her lip. "My aunt chanced after that, she took me under her wing pressured me in to being the best Necromancer. Pushed me beyond the limits. I knew that I was not ready to take the last test, and I voiced it. But still, she pushed me."

"So Eviar saved you from your aunt?" Jeffery asked. Nora wiggled with her head and then nodded.

"In some way." She replied. "Alright I am packed, let's go to your room." Jeffery grabbed the plastic bag out of her hands. She wanted to protest, but he shook his head.

"You are a guest, you will not carry these bags." He said and with large strides he walked out of the room.


Jeffery dumped the plastic bag with Nora's stuff on Eviar's bed. There was a second mattress on the floor. Eviar was nowhere to be seen, but Jeffery could hear the water spray inside the bathroom. 

"Hey bro, we are here. Do you have clothes with you?" Jeffery asked.

"I am not going make the same mistake twice a day, Jeffery." Eviar replied. Jeffery didn't know for sure if it was still the same day. But he was not going to point that out.

"Good to know bro." Jeffery said, he was going to lay down on his mattress. The sound of water falling stopped, and not much later Eviar stepped out of the bathroom. Dressed in only sweatpants, Jeffery looked at him with wide eyes. He was not in to Eviar, but seeing him like this. Eviar didn't look at Jeffery, his attention was locked on Nora. Who also looked at him.

"If this is making you feel uncomfterble, just say it. I always can put on a shirt." Eviar said. 

"No." Nora and Jeffery said in unison. Nora glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. He smiled and raised his hands up in surrender. 

"Do not look at me, I know what I like, and he is hot." Jeffery said, this made Eviar's turn into a crimson red.

"I thought you didn't like me?" Eviar asked.

"That is so." Jeffery said. "But you are not unpleasant for the eyes." He shrugged. "I am going to take a shower." He walked past Eviar and looked at Nora. "You are a lucky girl, sis. Having all of this." He pointed to Eviar. "All to yourself." He didn't know if it was possible, but Eviar's face turned even redder. He started to giggle when he left those two alone.  

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