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Eviar cursed himself when he saw Nora laying on the ground. The car exploded out of the blue, or not so out of the blue. Nora had warned them that there was something wrong, and he had believed her without any doubt. But that didn't change that she was now laying on the ground, struggling to get back on her feet. He raced towards her and helped her by holding her upright. She created a wall of air around them. 

"What is going on?" He asked her, but the question hadn't left his mouth, or a fireball hit the wall. "Never mind." They were under attack, but he couldn't see who was attacking them. His gaze went to the direction the fireball had come from, but there was nothing there except for a line with tall trees. "Jeffery?" 

"Abby is surrounded by a shield. No magic or person can get to her. But I doubt that who ever is attacking use is after her." He said, there was a trace of doubt in his voice. But there was no time to linger on that, another ball of fire hit the wall. There was still no sign of their attacker.

"Unicorn Crap." He said under his breath. The ground under them started to shake. "The car." He said, Nora dropped the wall of air, and they started to run away from the car. Which exploded a second time, forcing them to the ground. 

"Look at this." Someone said and he cursed again. "Are you kissing Nora with the same mouth?"

"Casandera, what in the Dragon Lord's name are you doing?" Eviar said, through grinded teeth. Why was he asking her this, he already knew the answer. She has being screaming it to him for months, and he had ignored it. 

"I am doing your job, Eviar. I am going to kill that leech." Casandera said. 

"She is not a Necromancer, Casandera! If you kill her you will be charged for murder!" Eviar screamed at her, while he got back on his feet. "Are you willing to throw your future away?" He said, but Casandera shook her head.

"Do you forget whose daddy is in the council. I will not be charged with murder, I will be rewarded as a hero." Casandera said. Eviar's blood ran cold. Casandera could be right about that. Maybe she will not get that reward, because of Jeffery's father. But still she could get away with it. "But why am I talking to you." She said and a wall of air slammed into him. "You are a useless hunter, who can not do his job."  He wanted to get up again, but another wall of air slammed him back down. Every time he wanted to push himself up, he was slammed back. He turned his head to face Casandera, he saw that Jeffery was facing the same problem. Only he was held down by a layer of rock. Nora was the only one still standing, but she was surrounded by Casandera and her minions. Blocking hit after hit, she even got lucky a few time by sending attacks to them.

"Jeffery, we need to help Nora!" He screamed. Jeffery voiced his agreement, and they started to fight the magic that was holding them down.




Sweat was covering his forehead, the large piece of rock was crushing his lungs. But he needed to fight against it, his family needed him. Nora was facing five wizards on her own, and she was doing a wonderful job. Blocking their magic, and even dishing out some attacks herself. But although she was strong, she wouldn't be able to keep this up. Eviar and he needed to find a way to escape their prison. Luckily for them, elemental magic balanced itself out perfectly. Every element has its own counterpart, air was the counterpart of earth. Jeffery smiled, when he focused on his own magic. Water crept from outside the forest towards him, it started to cover the rock that was covering him. The water started to soak his cloths, but he didn't care. As long, he got out and was able to help Nora. When he was confident that the rock was soaked with water he started to use air to freeze it. Which make the rock weak, now the only thing he needed was to use fire to break it apart. It was a solid plan, one that took a lot of time and energy. But still, he used it. He looked towards Eviar, who was using earth magic to dig himself under the wall of air that hold him down. Which was clever in it own right. The stone started to crack, first very small, but then explode. He didn't linger and jumped up. Firing the pieces of earth to Nora's attackers, who had barely time to dodge. Good that at least will teach them, never underestimate Jeffery Night.




It was good to see that Jeffery was free and helping Nora. But now it was his turn to do the same. He had used earth magic to dig a tunnel under the wall of air that hold him prisoner. Glad that he was free to stretch his body, but there was no time to do that. Nora needed him, and this time he would put an end to Casandera. The earth started to shake under Casandera's feet, and then cracked open. She jumped away from it.

"Unicorn Crap." He cursed. He knew that Casandera was a strong wizard, and for a period she was the second-strongest wizard inside the school. But then Nora came along and took that position from her. Casandera narrowed her eyes as she turned her gaze towards him. If those eyes could kill him, fortunately they can't. He ran towards Casandera, firing disks of ice at her. "Nora, use your wall of fire." He said. And she did just that, the large wall of orange and red flames surrounded her it was not so much as a protection as a weapon they could wield. Which they did, Jeffery was firing pieces of the wall towards two of the five wizards.

"She will not hold that for long. Give it up Eviar, she will die today." Casandera said. 

"Then you need to kill use too!" Jeffery screamed. "And my father will not like that one bit." Casandera just shrugged. 

"My daddy will deal with your father, so I do not need to worry about that." She said, Eviar couldn't believe his ears. She was really prepared to kill them too. He looked towards the place were Abby was hiding. He hoped that Casandera had not seen her, but he wouldn't take that risk. Eviar fired two fireballs in the air, Nora and Jeffery did the same thing. "Do you really think that somebody will save your sorry ashes?" Casandera taunted. 

"No but I hope they will save yours." He said, and he started to fire large fireballs. Now that he knew that she would kill whom ever was in her way, he wouldn't hold back either. Nora had dropped the wall of fire, and was now fighting the other two wizards. But Eviar could see that they were no match for her. They started to back up and then started to run away. Casandera saw this too. "Come back cowards!" She screamed. But they didn't come back, good two gone, still three to go. Eviar didn't give her a quarter, he kept on firing. Nora wanted to walk towards him, but he shook his head. 

"Go help Jeffery!" He screamed and she ran towards him.




Jeffery felt that his limit was near, he was fighting two wizards who were older than he was. But what he lacked in age, he made up for it in skills. He had grown in his magic over the months. Still the two of them didn't give up that easily. He was relieved to see that Nora had scared two of the attackers away, and that she came to help him. 

"Nora, welcome to the party. I think our guest do not need any introductions. But please allow me. The woman on the right is Amelia and the one on the left Dorus." Jeffery said.

"Shot up, freak." Both of them said. Nora dropped a large amount of water on them. The girls started to scream like a couple of banshees.

"O here let me help you." Jeffery said, he sends a large gust of freezing cold air towards them. It took just a few seconds before they were completely frozen. "Nice work sis. I wished that I had done that sooner." Jeffery said. Nora smiled at him.

"That visit to your father has done you some good, our joker is back." Nora said, petting him on the shoulder. He frowned for a short moment, she was right about that. He had stopped making jokes. 

"I am glad to be back." He said, with a large grin on his face. "Come on we need to finish off Casandera." They turn around, just in time to see that Casandera's fireball missed Eviar. But shot to the still burning car, which exploded for a third time. Pieces of glass and metal started to fly around. Eviar started to gasp for breath, and fall over. A large piece of metal stuck out of his back. Nora started to scream, and the earth under their feet started to shake. Jeffery's hand landed on Nora, and that helped a lot. But Casandera was not that lucky. She fell to the ground, Jeffery raised his hand up. And the earth started to swallow her whole. The ground stopped shacking and Nora ran towards Eviar.

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