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Nora didn't know how long she was swimming, still she was shocked to see Eviar standing next to the pool looking at her. 

"It is time to get out and to get ready for dinner." He said, and she frowned. But nodded. Trusting him to at least tell her the truth about the time. She swam towards the metal stairs to get out of the pool. But as soon she reached it the water around her starts to freeze over. She knew that she couldn't get out of the pool in time, so she started to surround herself with air and dove under. The water became solid above her head. Nora started to curse, only in thought. Otherwise, she would have used too much oxygen. Was this another test? If so then had Eviar a sick way of testing her. She looked up to the ice above her head, she needed to get out of here and fast. She raised her hands up and started to blast the ice with all the fire she could muster. The ice broke away with a blast, she started to pant. She really needed to train more, but then again she was not used to use that much magic in one blast. 

"Casandera, what the hell were you thinking?" She heard Jeffery scream. "You could have killed her!"

"That was the whole point of bringing her here!" Casandera screamed back at him. "She is a Necromancer, she is unnatural!" 

"I am... I am..." She couldn't silence her teeth, and make a full sentence. "I am no Necromancer yet." She finally said, with a sigh. "I didn't pass the last test." Eviar helped her out of the pool.

"So that last test decides if you are a filthy leech, or not." Casandera said. "Well my bad." She snorted. 

"Casandera, you have attacked Master Goodwings guest." Eviar said.

"You mean his prisoner. He is going to kill her anyway, it does not matter if you teach her magic." Casandera said. Eviar was busy wiggling her into a big fluffy towel. He heated it up with his own fire magic.

"Who says that?" Master Goodwing appeared out of nowhere. "I have made no decision about Nora, and until I do, she is my guest." He turned towards Casandera. "And I really do not appreciate it if my students attack my guests." 

"But she is..." Casandera started.

"No, she is not. Not according to the law. She may have studied the magic that is required to be a Necromancer, but she didn't pass the final test. She has not revived a human, so according to the law she is no Necromancer." Master Goodwing said. "And besides that she is very skilled in elemental magic. I believe that she was in the pool to work out. To improve her magic." Eviar nodded. 

"She tried to use the other equipment. But she does not have the right shoes for those." Jeffery said. "I am wondering if we can take her to the mall, to buy shoes and work out clothing?" Jeffery was brave, she needed to give him that. Master Goodwing nodded.

"Like I said, she is a guest. No prisoner, so yes you can go to the mall." Master Goodwing said. Then focused back on Casandera. "You, in my office." Casandera turned around and ran. "I am sorry, miss Rane." He said before he disappeared into nothingness.

"How those he do that?" Nora asked, but both Jeffery and Eviar shrugged. 

"No idea." Both of them said in unison. Nora nodded, and she started to wobble on her legs.

"Nora?" Eviar asked. She tried to say that she was alright, but her vision became black. 


"What is wrong with her?" Jeffery's voice was a bit high. She still had her eyes closed, and it didn't matter how much she tried, she didn't get them to open.

"She is just tired, Jeffery. She has used a lot of energy to break the ice." Master Goodwing said. "I know you see her as a powerful wizard, and you are not wrong. But she needed to use a lot of magic, and even I would be drained after that. Eviar, keep an eye on her." 

"Yes master." Eviar replied. "Master she is indeed very powerful, only she those not have the stamina to use a lot of magic for longer than a few minutes. I believe that the reviving spells are used in short amounts." Eviar said.

"I see that you didn't only decide to train her, because..." Master Goodwing said. Nora wanted to hear what he was going to say. She was really cursing herself. She had told them that she wouldn't tell them shit about the secrets of her Coven. Instead, she showed them, with her magic. And she was pretty sure that she had told them a bit about what they needed to revive a person. There was no need to second guess herself, she had told them that a loved one needed to be present when a Necromancer performed the spell.

"Master, I am training her so that she can defined herself. She clearly needs it, if today gives us a some indication. Casandera attacked her when Jeffery and I were at her side. Still we didn't react fast enough to help her." Eviar said, regret was audible in his voice. 

"Do not beat yourself up about that. Casandra is a spoiled brat, and I have punished her for her actions." Master Goodwing said. "Besides that Jeffery here is just a beginner. A beginner with a lot of promise, but a beginner nonetheless." Jeffery hadn't said a word during the course of the conversation and Nora started to wonder if he was alright. "I am by the way glad that you are taking him under your wing. He will learn a lot faster from you, then he will learn from me."

"Master do not say that, you are a great master." Jeffery said, it was good to hear his voice. "It is just, I didn't want to see Casandra all day. She has almost all the students wrapped around her finger." 

"What do you mean?" Master Goodwing asked.

"Casenadra wants Nora gone, no matter what. She does not care if that means Nora's death. She has almost every student under your roof on her side, except Eviar and myself." Jeffery explained. "Eviar wants to train her so that, when the time comes she does not have to be killed." 

"Is this true?" Master Goodwing asked, she didn't hear Eviar's reply. "Good to know that you are looking out for her. And do not worry Jeffery, from now one I will pay close attention to the other students." He said before a door closed. She didn't know who left the room, maybe it was Master Goodwing. Maybe it was Jeffery, or maybe the both of them. She did know one thing for sure, and that was that Eviar was here. He was not the kind of person who disobeyed an order from Master Goodwing. 

"I know you have heard everything, Nora." Evair said, but she couldn't respond. "I also know that your body those not allow you to respond, it is busy to recharge itself. So relax and know that I am sorry that a gave Master Goodwing that piece of information about your magic and my observation." She knew that he was laying, he was not sorry that he told Master Goodwing about her lack of stamina. But she couldn't be mad about it, she would have done the same thing, if she was in his shoes. But what was the other reason why he wanted to train her? She was sure that the reason that Jeffery and Eviar gave Master Goodwing was not the only one. She wanted to ask him, but it was just as he said her body was not allowing her to do so. "When you wake up tomorrow, we will go to the mall. Do not worry about the Acorns, Master Goodwing has offered to pay for everything you need." Nora was somehow grateful for that, maybe she was allowed to buy the bath supplies. And a bit more clothing. She wanted to smile about the prospect, she always wanted to go out and do some shopping. But after her father died, well things were not the same. Aunt Sarotia stepped in, and her mother let her decide everything. Saying that it was a great honor to have the undivided attention of the Coven's leader. It was maybe an honor, but why did it feel as if she was suffocating. Because she was suffocating under all the precious, but now it was time for her to relax. Her aunt wasn't here, and she was going enjoy the shopping trip. 

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