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Nora had done all what Eviar had asked of her and even added a little more. Now she laid on bed, between the books Eviar had brought with him. She breathed heavily, she wasn't used to practicing magic for hours. 

"Alright, your magic is strong. And you are at the master's level with all the elements." Eviar said. 

"Only my stamina sucks." She said, she knew that he was going to say that. She turned her head slightly so that she could face him, and he nodded. Nora sighed and now really looked at him, he looked handsome in his bottomed up shirt. He looked older, only she didn't know how old he was. Would she ask him?  She shook her head, no it was better that she didn't know him at all. He was the one who captured her, he was the one who brought her inside this situation. The situation that she needed to work on her stamina, where she needed to be stronger than all the other wizards. After he had captured her and locked her up inside this room. Yes, she had noticed that he had locked the door from the outside. She knew that it was to keep her in and others out, but still it was locked.

"Well then you need to get out of this room and start to train your body." Jeffery said, now her gaze was pulled towards him. He was wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and simple black sneaker. His short brown hear was neatly trimmed, his grass green eyes shimmered. He was young, younger than she was. She could hear it in his way of talking and in the way he acted around her and Eviar. Eviar nodded slowly. 

"Magic draws from our own energy and if we are not in shape than our magic becomes weaker." He explained. She rolled with her eyes, this was stuff she already knew. She came from a powerful Coven. Only reviving magic didn't use that much energy, so there was no need for her to work out that much. But now they were training her in elemental magic and that asked a lot from her energy. 

"I used to run every morning, before my lessons started." She told them. "Only my aunt forbade it, when she took over my lessons. She said that I didn't need the work-out, that my body was in shape enough." She sighed, her father had told her otherwise. He had told her that a wizard needed to take good care of their body and mind. 

"Alright then put on some sneakers and comfortable clothing." Jeffery said and he jumped up. "We are going to run." 

"I do not own sneakers, and inside the bag Eviar gave me there was nothing in it for a good work out." She said. Jeffery sighed, but the grin was still on his face. 

"No worries then we can go shop for them." Jeffery said. 

"What." Eviar said loudly, and Nora looked at Jeffery. He simply nodded.

"There is a shopping street not far from here, we two can take her there. She can buy the items that she needs, and then we can run our way back." He said. 

"I do not know if Master Goodwing will allow her to leave the house. There is in complete gym inside the basement of the house. And she can borrow clothing from use." Eviar said. 

"But then still she needs to have comfortable shoes." Jeffery said, pointing to her ankle boots. They were comfortable shoes, for walking. "Come one, she will not go alone to the mall. She will go with use two, and you are the strongest wizard here. And a great hunter, she will not escape use." Nora shook her head, she really couldn't believe this guy. 

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have no acorns. So even if we go to the mall, I am not able to buy shoes or clothing. So if I can borrow some sweatpants and a t-shirt that would be great." Nora said. She knew that she would regret her decision, for training inside her ankle boots. But for now she needed to do with the things she got. Jeffery disappeared to his room and came back with the comfortable clothing. The man left the room, to give her some privacy when she changed. She already knew that the clothing was too big for her. Still she needed to do with it. 


The gym under the house was massive, and that was still an understatement. There were trap mills lined up against a wall covered with mirrors. Various types of machines, to train various types of the body. Sandbags hanging on steel cables from the ceiling. And to tip the iceberg a pool. If she had known that there was a pool inside the gym, she would have begged for a swimsuit. She loved swimming, even more than she loved running. She started to walk towards one of the trap mills, she needed to start somewhere. First slow, to get a feeling for the machine and to get some rhythm. Of course, it was for not, because when she moved up the speed. She needed to find her perfect rhythm every time she moved up the speed. Eviar came standing next to the machine and looked at her. After half an hour he stopped the trap mill. 

"That in enough, otherwise you will break your neck." Eviar said, pointing towards her ankle boots. "Those are not made for running, or other fitness activities." He looked over the gym, his gaze landed on the pool. Her gaze followed, and she started to shake her head. 

"No, I have nothing to swim in." She said. "And no I am not going to swim in my underwear." She quickly added. His gaze was pulled away from the pool and went straight up to her. Jeffery cleared his throat, breaking what ever was between Nora and Eviar.

"There is no need, we have spare swimsuits. When Master Goodwing placed the pool, he wanted to make sure that everybody could use it. So when ever a new student arrives without one they could grab one of those and keep it." Jeffery said. He walked towards the rooms where people could change, and opened up a cabinet. One that Nora hadn't seen before. She walked towards it and saw the piles of swimsuits, waiting for someone to grab them. She looked for one in her size, and entered the chancing room. 

"Come up, Jeffery. You wanted to train with use, well pick a tool and go to work." Eviar said. Nora was slightly grateful for that. Now Jeffery would be too occupied when she left the room. She jumped into the pool and started to swim up and down. Creating a rhythm for herself, while emptying her head. Forgetting where she was, how she got here. The real need to forget the pain when she thought about her family. And suppressing the joy of finally being able to learn more. Her father was right when he had told her that a wizard needed to take good care of their body and mind. And they could do that with a simple work-out. 

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