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Eviar sighed Jeffery was a puzzle he wants to figure out, but for some reason unknown to him also not. Nora sat quite on his bed. Was his bare chest maybe a little too much?

"Nora are you alright?" He asked, and he made his way to the bed. She shook her head slightly.

"But I will be." She sighed. He hoped for her sake that she was right about that. He placed his hand on hers. "We never talked about what Jeffery said."

"Uhm, Jeffery says a lot. So..." Eviar started, but he had a solid guess were this conversation was going.

"He said that you were in love with me." She said, with a smile on her face. He started to nod slowly. Just as he thought, she wanted to know if that was true or not. He opened his mouth to answer her, but she raised her hand. "You know what, I do not want to know if you are in love with me or not. This is silly, how long do we know each other?" He squeezed her hand slightly.

"Nora look at me." He said, but instead of doing that she stared at their hands. "Nora." He placed his hand to her chin and forced her to look at him. "I know we do not know each other that long. But still I can say that in that short amount of time you have bewitched me." He said softly. She opened her mouth to say something, but he shook his head. "No, Nora please listen to me. Before you came I just got up eat, trained, and went back to sleep. I didn't live, I just moved from one day to the next. Which was not healthy, I forgot who I was before I came here. But you brought it all back to me, now I am looking forward to the next day, because I can spend that day at your side. So yes Jeffery was right, I am in love with you." Her eyes started to fill with tears.

"But you do not know me." She whispered. He stroked a string of her copper red hair behind her ear.

"I know that you are; smart, strong-willed, accepting, loyal to the once you love, sometimes a bit hard on yourself." He said. "Not to forget, you are beautiful." The tears started to roll down over her cheeks. "You saved me, for myself." He said and he moved his slowly towards hers. "I love you." He whispered, before his lips brushed hers. Softly he started to kiss her lips. For a brief moment she stiffened, but then she started to relax. She opened her mouth and her hands wrapped around him.

"Eviar." She whispered when they came up for air. But she said nothing else because she started kiss him again. Her fingers moved their way through his curls. He heard the bathroom door opening, but it closed quickly. He hoped that Jeffery would stay where he was, because he wanted to spend more alone time with Nora. But after a while he broke off the kiss.

"Nora I love you." He whispered. "But I think we need to take this slow." She looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

"But what if I do not want to take it slow?" She said, and he started to smile. And she started to kiss him again.


"Can I finally come out?" Jeffery's voice came from out of the bathroom.

"Unicorn Crap." Eviar cursed, he totally had forgotten that Jeffery was inside the bathroom. Nora was fast asleep in his arms, she was naked. He quickly covered her and himself with his sheets. The door of the bathroom opened up and Jeffery stepped into the room.

"Well at least we know that she would sleep wonderful tonight." He said with a smirk on his face. Eviar wanted to throw a pillow at him, but he was afraid that he would wake up Nora.

"I wanted to take things slow." Eviar said. "But she had other ideas." He didn't know why he told this to Jeffery, but Jeffery nodded.

"She is a smart girl, bro. And I am happy for you both, I only have one question. Did you...?" Jeffery started. Eviar's eyes grow, not because they had forgotten about using protection, because he hadn't. But that Jeffery asked about it.

"Yes we did use protection." Eviar said quickly. He laid his head on the pillow and sighed. "I just told you that I wanted to take things slow, a baby is not taking things slow." Jeffery nodded and laid down on his own bed.

"Alright, sorry that I asked. Sleep tight bro." Jeffery said. It didn't take long before Eviar heard his soft snoring. He looked once again at Nora, he was so glad that she had excepted his love and even more than that. He closed his eyes and fall fast a sleep. 


The sun shone its rays through the windows, but he didn't want to wake up. Afraid that the events of last night were nothing more than a dream. Or worse that Nora would be reject him after she got a good night sleep. He could point out that he wanted to take things slow, but he knew that he could have said no. He felt a hand on his face, a soft palm. The sweet scent of honey entered his noise.

"Morning." He murmured softly. The hand made its way to his mouth and he kissed it softly. Still he didn't want to open his eyes.

"He lovebirds. Before you start another naked pillow fight, please know I am still in the room. And I have no intention to hide myself inside the bathroom again." Jeffery's voice filled the room. Eviar sighed and Nora started to giggle. 

"Thank you for reminding use." Nora's sweet voice replied. Eviar opened his eyes. 

"On the other hand I could join you." Jeffery said. Eviar stiffened. "Just joking you guys. By the Dragon Lords, you two should have seen your reactions." Jeffery started to laugh, but Eviar didn't think that it was funny.

"Jeffery, that was not a funny joke." Nora said, and Eviar was glad that she agreed with him. Jeffery sighed, and started to groan. 

"I know, it wasn't. Sorry guys. It is just, I want to have the same thing you two have. I want somebody to love me, for me. I want to have someone to wake up with. Who whispers good morning and kisses me with so much passion that I could see the stars." Jeffery said, and it sounded nothing more than reasonable.

"You will have that, someday." Nora said, and she meant it. That he knew for sure.

"Let's get up, and get some breakfast. We need to train harder than we did before. War has returned to the nine kingdoms, and we need to be ready." Jeffery got up and walked to the closet.

"Ready for what?" Eviar asked.

"Before another army decide to attack use." Jeffery said as if it was nothing. Eviar nodded, it indeed sounded like a good idea. And to add another purpose to the training wouldn't hurt either.

"Alright make your escape to the bathroom, Jeffery. Give Nora some privacy." Eviar said, he didn't say that he wanted to have some privacy too. What Jeffery said about him joining them, still bothered Evair. Jeffery nodded and closed the door of the bathroom behind him. 

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