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Nora sat again in the backseat of the jeep, and was glad that they were on their way back to the mansion. She hated that Jeffery got hurt during their shopping trip. She looked at him with concern, he was quiet and didn't say much. Which wasn't a good sign. She wished that she could say anything that would ease the pain, but she didn't know any more words. She looked to Eviar who also eyed Jeffery. Did he have an idea to cheer Jeffery up, why was he so silent? Eviar opened his mouth to close it again, he was just looking like a fish. He groaned.

"By the dragon lord, what do I have to lose." He said under a whimper. Nora was not sure if she was meant to hear it, still she had heard him. "What I am going to tell you two must not leave this car." Evair said, this was enough to snap Jeffery out of his own thoughts. 

"I promise, bro." Jeffery said and Nora nodded. 

"What are a few more secrets." She said, and that made both man laugh. Eviar sighed, and shrunk in his seat. 

"Jeffery you know that I was abounded on Master Goodwing's doorstep." Eviar started and Jeffery nodded. "Well that is only the part of the story." Eviar took a deep breath.

"You do not have to tell use if you do not want it." Nora said. Eviar looked at her through the rearview mirror, and gave her a soft smile. 

"I know, but I want to tell it." He said and smiled back at him. "I was born in the land of the endless night. Better known as Goticha. I was part of the Lunar Coven, and before you are going to say that you do not know them, that has its reasons." He said. "The biggest reason is, that they are a Secret Service inside the Goticha. If there is something going on inside the border of Goticha they know it, and they will report it to the Dragon King. The only problem was that I was born in the period that the Coven was a woman only club. That all changed when I became eight, and the coven got their new leader. She made a man version of the Coven complete with a magic school and a place to stay. Only my mother didn't believe in these changes, and that is why she brought me to Master Goodwing. I can remember that it snowed that night." Eviar smiled softly and sighed. "The reason that this all is a secret is simple. Nobody knows about my old Coven, nobody except the Dragon King." Eviar said. "So I know how you feel Jeffery. I lost my family too, also because of who I am." 

"Sorry to say, bro. But I do not understand?" Jeffery said.

"I think I do." Nora said, and Jeffery looked at her. "In his case it was not about who he loved, but because he was a son. If he was a daughter, his mother would have never brought him to Master Goodwing." She looked at Eviar, and he nodded.

"That is it." Eviar replied. Jeffery looked at his hands.

"Is it selfish to say, that I am glad that I am not the only one with a sorry excuse for a family." Jeffery said. 

"No, Jeffery it isn't." Nora and Eviar replied. 

"Good." He said. "At least I can say that about our first families. Not about our second." 

"Second family?" Eviar asked. 

"Yes bro, the family we choose." Jeffery replied. But Nora could see that Eviar still didn't understand.

"My father always told me that everyone has two families. One we are born in, and one we choose. Which include very close friends." Nora said. Eviar started to smile. 

"Is that why you are calling me, bro?" Eviar asked. Jeffery nodded.

"Yep, and Nora is sis." Jeffery said. "I will only not call her that when we are surrounded by the others." Nora smiled and nodded. She could understand that. "And do not worry brother, the secret about your coven is safe with me." Nora swatted him against his arm. "Sorry sis, I mean it is safe with use. We are family." Jeffery said, while he rubbed his arm. "By the Dragon Lords, you do not hit like a girl, sis." She swatted again. "Ouch." 

"Do never say that to a girl. It is not nice." Nora said.

"I will, sis. Lesson learned." Jeffery said. While Eviar started to laugh. Nora was glad that Eviar trusted them enough to tell them his past. But she was also glad that he had started up a conversation. She still could feel the tension in the air, but it was not as thick as before. 


The car stopped in front of the mansion, and this was the first time that Nora could see the brownstone building. She looked at the light double doors, who were opened up and showed the hall. There were students inside the neatly kept garden, sitting on the grass with books in their hands. A boy of ten sat under the weeping willow, his glasses were hanging on their threat. He was so hunched over, that Nora started to get a cramp in her neck. She hissed and Eviar looked up. 

"What is wrong?" He asked, and she pointed to the boy. He looked at him and hissed himself. Jeffery looked the same way. 

"That most be painful." Jeffery said. "Eddie!" He yelled at the boy. Little Eddie looked up. "Sit up straight, before you need something more than those glasses." Eddie put his tongue out, but he started to sit up straight. 

"I think that his glasses are not enough for him." Nora said.

"I suspected that too, so I am taking him to the optician." Master Goodwing stepped through the double doors. "It indeed looks painful." He said and then turned his attention to Jeffery. "Can we speak in my office." Jeffery nodded and he looked at Nora and Eviar.

"Can Eviar and Nora come too? They already know what this is all about." Jeffery said and Master Goodwing nodded.

"That is alright with me." Master Goodwing said. He stepped into the building and the three of them followed. Master Goodwing's office was a simple room with a desk, and a book cabinet. There were a few chairs standing opposite of the desk. Jeffery sat down on one of the chairs. Eviar motioned to Nora that she can take place on the other chair. Eviar placed himself against a wall. Master Goodwing sat down in his chair and cleared his throat. "Well I can say that I had more pleasant phone calls. Your mother is her way with words." Jeffery lowered his head.

"Yes, she has." He sighed. 

"I know what you are thinking. That you now need to hunt down Necromancers, but it is not what we are going to do. The Dragon Lords know that you are not ready for that." Master Goodwing said.

"But I do not want to leave the school. There is so much I need learn." Jeffery said, and Nora could see his concern.

"I am not saying that you need to leave. But you are going to lose your room." Master Goodwing said. "You will move in to a shared bedroom." Jeffery's head shot up. 

"But Master, my mother just told you why they stopped paying for my education. I think it is not wise to bunk me up with another boy." Jeffery said. "I don't mean to be disrespectful, master Goodwing." Master Goodwing nodded.

"I know that, you are just voicing your concern." Master Goodwing said.

"You are not bunking with some other boy, you will be bunking with me." Eviar said. "My room is too big for me, alone." Jeffery perked up.

"Really?" He asked and Eviar nodded. 

"We are brothers, and we need to help each other." Eviar said as if it was nothing. Jeffery stood up and run towards him, but he stopped right in front of him. Nora smiled and looked at Master Goodwing, who was smiling. Eviar took the first step and hugged Jeffery. "Come here, brother." Jeffery stiffened up for a short moment, but then relaxed in Eviar's arms.

"Thank you bro." Jeffery said. "Thank you so much. So let's put an extra bed into your room." 

"Our room." Eviar said. And Jeffery nodded. "I really need to make some place in the closet." Jeffery nodded. 

"I think I am going to make a bed myself one with space under it." Jeffery said. Eviar offered to help them. 

"You can place the rest of your clothing that those not fit in the closet, in my room." Nora said. Jeffery walked towards her, and took her in his arms. 

"Thank you, sis." 

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