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"My permission?" Mister Night asked. Nora nodded, she knew what he was thinking. "But I am not dead." Mister Night said. She gave him a smile. 

"A Necromancers magic is not only there to revive the dead. We also can detect illnesses, we can not cure it. I also can see how long you have to live." She said with a small shrug. "We are not so unnatural as you think." Mister Night started to laugh, and it was not a shallow one. But a deep belly laugh.

"It is a shame that my son is gay. Otherwise, I would have pushed him towards you." He said. Nora saw that Jeffery's face started to get red.

"Dad." He said. Everybody else started to laugh too, and Jeffery followed suite. Eviar's hands landed on Nora's shoulder. Master Night looked at it and nodded toward Eviar.

"Maybe we are too hard on the Necromancers in general. We don't understand them, and maybe we need to start to educate ourselves in their ways." He said. "I still believe that revive the people who dead is still wrong."

"But it is not illegal." Nora said. "In none of the nine kingdoms, and still they are hunted down like criminals. The children who are pushed into growing up faster because there is a threat above their parents heads." She looked at Eviar, and he nodded. Mister Night nodded too.

"You are right about that." Mister Night, reached out his hand. "You have my permission, to do what ever you need to do." Nora nodded and took his hand and let her magic flow. This magic crept into Mister Night's hand and sourced to the illness. 

"Your heart is indeed beat up. But you already knew that." She said, and Mister Night smiled at her. "I can tell that this is not the end stage of your life. But you need to make some lifestyle changes." He nodded.

"That is good news. Thank you so much." Mister Night said. Nora smiled and leaves the room. 


"You never stop to amaze me." Eviar said, he laid his hands on her shoulders and squeezed softly. He planted a kiss on her cheek. "Did I ever tell you that I love you." He said, and she nodded. He has told her many times, but she never told him that she loved him in return. She wanted to tell him this, but somehow she never could get the words over her lips. She looked at Jeffery's family, his mother and little brother were standing just outside the room.

"Amara, come inside right now!" Mister Night's voice almost rang through the whole hospital. Jeffery's mother wanted to cower away. But Abby didn't let her.

"Nora, Eviar can you watch Michell for a hot minute?" She asked, Nora nodded and took the boy by the hand. It was indeed a hot minute, because not much later Jeffery's mother came out of the room in tears. Taking little Michell from Nora and left. Jeffery followed his mother and sighed.

"Well that explained a lot. It turns out that Michell is my mother's biological son with another man. In her fear that my father would find out the truth she had designed a plan to secure his future, by stealing my acorns." Jeffery said. "I already told my father that I didn't want any of his wealth and that he should give it to Michell. He is my baby brother. But my father wouldn't hear my words, and although he is hurt by my mother's betrayal he does not want to take it out on little Michell." Nora smiled and sighed. 

"I am happy to see that your family is healing." She said, and Jeffery shook his head.

"They are my blood family, but I do not want to be part of that. I came here to say goodbye to my father and I did. There is just too much damage, and I do not know if it will ever heal. " Jeffery said. "I want to go home and leave this place." Nora looked over his shoulder to Abby, who sighed. Her eyes were red rimmed a sign that she didn't agree with Jeffery's word. Still there was nothing she could do to change his mind. She had done all she could already. 

"Alright, let's go then." Abby said.


The drive to the mansion was as uncomfeterble as the drive to the hospital, but Nora didn't complain. There were worse things, like being hunted down because of your type of magic. Or being cast out of your family because of your sexuality. The urge to steal acorns from your own son because you are afraid that your youngest will pay for your mistakes. She closed her eyes, and sighed. 

"Nora are you alright?" Eviar asked, and there was another thing that was in her mind worse than this car ride. Saying that you love somebody, but never get to hear the same thing back. She hated herself for not saying it to him, even when they have what Jeffery calls a naked pillow fight.

"I am sorry." She said, she opened her eyes and looked at Eviar. He frowned at her.

"For what?" He asked. Nora opened her mouth, she wanted to say that she loved him too, that he was the light in her dark life. But there was something wrong, she only didn't know what. There was nothing wrong with her feelings for Eviar, that much she knows. It was the same sense of wrongness that hung over her the day that Eviar captured her.

"Abby, stop the car." She said. Abby looked at her in the rearview mirror. "Abby, stop the car now. Get out and hide." She said, the tone in her voice told everybody that she meant it. Eviar's eyes shot to her neckless. 

"Unicorn Crap." He cursed. "Abby do what she says." Abby stopped the car and jumped out of it. Followed by Jeffery and Eviar. Nora stayed in it, wrapping her hands around her neckless. Eviar had told her that her father had wrapped it in a protection charm. "Jeffery place a shield around Abby." Nora took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. But before she could slam the door, a ball of fire flew towards it and the car exploded. Nora was slammed against the ground, the air was cast out of her lungs. "Nora!" Eviar's voice reached her, and she struggled to get on her feet. 

"Nora!" That was Jeffery's voice, she shook her head. The world around her became clear once more. They were standing in the middle of an abundant road, Abby's car had exploded after it was hit by a fireball. Nora gasped, it was hit by magic, they were under attack. But from whom, she didn't see anybody. She looked around, but all she could see were her friends. And the row of trees that were standing next to the road.

"Nora, are you alright?" Eviar's hands wrapped around her arm. She raised her hand and a wall of air wrapped around them. "What is going on?" Eviar asked, but she didn't need to answer his question when another fireball was smashed against the wall of air. "Never mind." 

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